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Vmware Fusion Brings Windows 11 to Apple Silicon Macs

Mac Studio running Windows 11 in VMware

VMware is a popular virtualization application for a long time, and the Mac version is effective for running Windows software on Apple computers. VMWare continues to be testing support for Apples newM1 or M2 chipsets (Apple Silicon), and today Windows 11 is supported.

VMware released a Tech Preview for the Mac version of Fusion on Thursday, which works much like Parallels Desktop. This is actually the first version of VMware that may run Windows 11 without the hacks or workarounds, on both Intel and Silicon-based Mac computers, because of a fresh virtual TPM module. VMware also now offers early graphics drivers for Windows on ARM, so 4K and higher resolutions should work dont be prepared to play any demanding games, though.

VMware can be improving Linux support on Apple Silicon Macs. The business said in a post, dealing with the communities of varied os’s and open source open-source projects such as for example Mesa, Linux, along with our very own open-vm-tools, weve made many enhancements to the Linux on Apple silicon experience. So long as you have an updated Linux distribution, it will work very well in VMware.

Windows 11 on VMware image

The preview release still gets the same core limitation as Parallels on Mac you cant boot an operating-system designed for another CPU architecture. Which means youre limited by ARM Windows and ARM Linux on Macs with Apple Silicon chips, while older Intel Macs have significantly more options for os’s. VMware also doesnt support macOS virtual machines yet, and newer builds of Ubuntu Linux are broken.

If you want to reliably run Windows software on today’s Mac, Parallels is most likely still your best option, since its a fully-supported commercial product (unlike VMwares preview release). The free UTM app may also virtualize Windows on Mac with fewer features, and CodeWeavers CrossOver runs some Windows software by way of a compatibility layer.

Source: VMware Blog

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