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Walrus that attracted crowds in Oslo fjord euthanized…

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Freya has also been spotted in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden
Freya in addition has been spotted in britain, holland, Denmark and Sweden Tor Erik Schrder NTB/AFP

Oslo (AFP) A walrus nicknamed Freya that attracted crowds while basking in sunlight of the Oslo fjord was euthanised, Norway officials said on Sunday.

“Your choice to euthanise was taken based on a worldwide evaluation of the persistent threat to human security,” the top of Norway’s Fisheries Directorate Frank Bakke-Jensen said in a statement.

“We carefully examined all of the possible solutions. We figured we’re able to not guarantee the well-being of the pet by the means available,” he said.

Officials had previously said these were considering euthanasia for the mammal because repeated attracts the public to help keep their distance from the young female weighing 600 kilograms (1,300 pounds) have been in vain.

Freya, whose name is really a mention of the Norse goddess of beauty and love, had made headlines since July 17 when she was initially spotted in the waters of the Norwegian capital.

Walruses normally reside in the a lot more northerly latitudes of the Arctic.

Between long naps — a walrus can sleep around 20 hours each day — Freya have been filmed chasing a duck, attacking a swan and, generally, dozing on boats struggling to aid her bulk.

Despite repeated appeals, curious onlookers continued to approach her, sometimes with children in tow, to take photographs.

Freya had recently been sighted in britain, holland, Denmark and Sweden and thought we would spend area of the summer in Norway.

Freya first gained notoriety in Norway by climbing onto pleasure boats in Kragero, an idyllic southern coastal village.

The walrus is really a protected species that feeds mainly on invertebrates such as for example molluscs, shrimps, crabs and small fish.

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