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WARM-UP Your TASTEBUDS This Fall With Gigis Cupcakes Delicious New Menu

Warm Up Your Taste Buds This Fall With Gigi's Cupcakes Delicious New Menu

Warm Up Your Taste Buds This Fall With Gigi's Cupcakes Delicious New MenuDallas, TX ( Bakers favorite season is approaching fast, and Gigis Cupcakes ensured that their new Fall menu gives folks grounds to avoid by! The brand new rollout includes this seasons staple flavors, such as for example pumpkin and new nostalgic flavors. Without its signature seasonal boxes, it could not be considered a typical Gigis Cupcake rollout. Gigis Cupcakes will release two holiday-themed boxes this season, such as the Boo Box and Gobble Box, to celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving. You will find plenty to love within their menu this year, and the Gigis Cupcakes team hopes that you could have the warmth in each bite, so be sure to drop by your neighborhood shop to really get your cupcakes!

Gigis Cupcakes is excited to add the Pumpkin Swirl, Apple Cheesecake Swirl, and the Oatmeal Cream cupcake this season. The entire Fall Menu will contain signature Gigis Cupcake flavors and new ones offering the marriage Cake, Mocha Java Chip, Pumpkin Swirl, Apple Cheesecake Crumble, Scarletts Red Velvet, Cookies N Creme, GF Wedding Cake, GF Triple Chocolate Torte, Midnight Magic, GF Pumpkin Swirl, Birthday Surprise, Strawberry Shortcake, Oatmeal Creme, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Each holiday mini box is filled and decorated exactly like our full-size cupcakes except all will undoubtedly be pedestal swirls with frosting weight of around 1 oz. The initial mini box ahead may be the Boo Box set to become available October 17th-31st, that may contain 3 Candy Corn, 3 Monster, 3 Night Crawler and 3 Ghost cupcakes. The Gobble Box can be available November 14th-23rd, that will contain 3 Turkey, 3 Pumpkin, 3 Pilgrim and 3 Fall Confetti cupcakes.

Warm Up Your Taste Buds This Fall With Gigi's Cupcakes Delicious New Menu
Boo Box
Warm Up Your Taste Buds This Fall With Gigi’s Cupcakes Delicious New Menu
Gobble Box

About Gigis Cupcakes

Founded in 2008, Gigis Cupcakes is just about the leading national cupcake brand with over 50 locations over the US. Gigis business is driven by our community of franchisees that are focused on serving their communities with one delicious experience at the same time and our corporate value of donating a substantial part of our profits to local charitable groups over the nation. It is possible to find out more at, email for information regarding franchising, and for media inquiries please contact

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