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WA’s East Metropolitan Health begins rollout of wearable tech for remote ED patient monitoring

Wearable devices are increasingly being deployed across emergency departments in East Metropolitan Health, you start with implementation at Armadale Hospital.

The technology rollout has been introduced within the Health in a Virtual Environment service. It really is being formally introduced first at Armadale Hospital following trials at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) and Bentley Hospital.

The ED waiting room at Armadale has been outfitted with three devices: an armband, blood circulation pressure cuff and oximeter, for the continuous tabs on vital parameters, such as for example heart and respiratory rates, blood circulation pressure, oxygen saturation levels and skin temperature.

RPH may also go live with the wearable devices within their ED the following month, October.


Data from the monitoring devices are increasingly being streamed live to the HIVE and ED teams to allow them to closely monitor signs of deterioration among patients.

“This innovative and cutting-edge program will complement existing tabs on patients in the ED and essentially give Armadale Hospital staff another group of eyes on the patients,” added Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson.

“The wearable technology will instantly alert staff to any decline in the patient’s wellbeing and contains been proven in pilot studies to improve patient and carer satisfaction,” she further explained.


Western Australia first introduced the A$22 million ($15 million) HIVE service at EMH in December 2020 to proactively detect patient deterioration. In the centre of the service is Royal Philips’ Clinical Command Centre which leverages monitoring, machine learning, and advanced analytics to lessen mortality, complications and amount of stay. In its first year, the HIVE geared to monitor 50 beds across 11 wards at RPH and Armadale.

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