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Washington Commanders Rookie QB Sam Howell Says THERE IS NO ‘Major Step’ From College to Pros

Washington Commanders rookie quarterback Sam Howell hasn’t exactly had his “Welcome to the NFL” moment at this time.

The fifth-round rookie quarterback from NEW YORK says he doesn’t feel just like there’s a lot of a big change from college to the NFL.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t say there is a major step,” Howell said. “Obviously, we haven’t started engaging in games and game prep yet. I’m surethat the preparation is most likely a bit more in the NFL. But practice wise, I believe just finding your way through practice a littlebit more.”

Possibly the best thing to occur to the Commanders rookie quarterback was sliding into Day 3 of the 2022 NFL Draft, even though it could not look like it in advance.

Now, Howell will receive a possiblity to establish his NFL legs before being thrust in to the spotlight; or such may be the hope of Commanders fans everywhere.

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That is better still given the quantity of learning necessary to fully execute offensive coordinator Scott Turners playbook.

“Yeah, I believe it’s about reps,” Howell said. “Just getting reps and attempting to maximize each and every rep that I’ve on the market. And evenwhen I’m not in, taking mental reps. I make an effort to get yourself a mental rep on each and every play that people run used. So, I believe it’sonly gonna include reps and these preseason games.

Rather than fretting about saving a fledgling franchise, were searching for Howell to simply have more more comfortable with some mechanics he never really had to execute at NEW YORK, and show some flashes of why he was once considered a first-round lock.

Despite the fact that Howell likely won’t play much after the regular season gets underway, he offers a ton of upside and optimism for the team’s future at the positioning.

Maybe once plays in the preseason opener this weekend, he’ll take that major step.

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