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Watch a snake wearing robot trousers strut such as a lizard

Its been roughly 150 million years since snakes moseyed round the prehistoric world on legs. Although todays slithering reptiles actually begin with some limbs while theyre still embryos, their genetic makeup quickly morphs those into well, two penises, actually. No, seriously.

Regardless, living sans legs is obviously among snakes defining characteristics. But YouTuber Allen Pan gave snakes an evolutionary twist in a fresh video featured by The A.V. Club. Following a previous post involving serpents, Pan surely got to wondering ifand howone could construct robotic legs for snakes. Browse the full video below for a surprisingly adorable glimpse at our future cyborg snake overlords:

After reminding viewers that a lot of animals receive prosthetic legs from benevolent humans on a regular basis, Pan adds, apparently nobody loves snakes enough to create them robot legs. Naturally, here are some is really a montage of Pans various trial-and-error attempts at constructing the very best snake-catered walking device possible. After taking inspiration from from three-toed skinks, to the 90s bionic invertebrate gaming character Earthworm Jim, to a truly horrifying fish apparently called a sea robin, Pan settled on a couple of four rc legs mounted on a straightforward, clear plastic tube cockpit. With some help from the local snake breeder, Pan then set to coaxing a test python in to the contraption. The snake genuinely seems pretty happy with the free ride.

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The snakes want their legs back! Pan exclaims as his robo-snake crawls over the floor.

Whats particularly impressive concerning the invention (apart from apparently being very comfortable for the snake) is that the robotic legs actually may actually mimic the gait of four-legged reptiles pretty accurately. Its the tiny things, you understand?

While its understandably unlikely that well ever see a whole horde of snakes propelled by cute, bright orange robot legs, well take what we are able to get with this particular ones welcome reprieve from sliding across cold, rocky ground on its stomach constantly.

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