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Watch: Aaron Rodgers tried to block ZaDarius Smith also it didnt go well

Aaron Rodgers tried to throw a block on ZaDarius Smith also it ended the way you almost certainly thought it did.

It had been a rough Week 1 for the Green Bay Packers, but an especially rough one for quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Things got off to a painfully slow start for the Packers, who didnt put any points on the board until after halftime. Rodgers threw his first interception against an NFC North team since 2019, and was abused by the Vikings pass rush all afternoon.

What he lacked in production under center he didn’t replace in the areas of his game.

On the Packers first touchdown drive of your day, Rodgers tried to throw a block on ZaDarius Smith nonetheless it didnt go just how he probably expected it could.

Thankfully Rodgers took it in stride and appeared to respect Smith for not holding back instead of get flustered over being inflated on the market.

Despite there seemingly being no hard feelings, you have to assume the block was particularly cathartic and satisfying for Smith. As noted through the broadcast, and highlighted by Smith this offseason, his exit from Green Bay wasnt terribly pleasant and left this type of sour taste in his mouth he searched for signing with the Vikings as opportinity for revenge.

Smith detailed his treatment by the Packers last season with a disdain that left him wanting revenge:

I was like, Damn, why am I being treated such as this, Smith said of how he was viewed after missing time because of his back injury. I brought the culture. I helped change this s. Why the f am I the main one being treated like this?

Walking past me not saying nothing. Z, hows your back doing? There is none of this. As you can plainly see, that adds to why Im on the other hand. So, I could return back. I reach go back 2 times per year.

Not merely did he get his revenge on the market, however the Vikings absolutely obliterated the Packers for some of Week 1s showdown.

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