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Watch: ‘Accident Man’ fights Killer Clown, Vampire in ‘Hitman’s Holiday’


The Killer Clown (Beau Fowler) attacks the

The Killer Clown (Beau Fowler) attacks the “Accident Man.” Photo thanks to Samuel Goldwyn Films

Sept. 8 (UPI) — Samuel Goldwyn Films released the trailer for Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday on Thursday. The sequel shows “Accident Man” Mike Fallon (Scott Adkins) face off against an eclectic selection of villains.

The trailer opens with Fallon fighting a Killer Clown (Beau Fowler) who’s swinging a comically oversized hammer. The plot further explains that Mike requires a job in Malta protecting his client’s (Flaminia Cinque) son, Dante (George Foreacres).

The assassins coming after Dante likewise incorporate The Screaming Banshee (Sarah Chang), The Vampire (Faisal Mohammed), The SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Strangler (Peter Lee Thomas), The Ninja (Andreas Nguyen) and The Guv’Nor (Ray Stevenson). Fallon also tries out new gadgets, including weaponized weight benches and tasers.

Accident Man is founded on the Pat Mills comic book. Adkins obtained the rights and co-wrote the 2018 Accident Man film.

Co-writer Stu Small returned to create the sequel. The Kirby Brothers, George and Harry, direct, overtaking from the original’s Jesse V. Johnson.

Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday is in theaters and video-on-demand Oct. 14. It runs 96 minutes and is rated R.

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