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Watch: Betsy DeVos Doubles Down on ‘Eliminating’ Education Department, Slams Administrative State

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia Former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos reiterated her call to get rid of the Department of Education while calling out entrenched federal bureaucrats, almost all whom, she said, are in fact working against you.

I believe anyone who’s seriously interested in getting following the size and scale of the government must make this an extremely top tier issue entering another cycle, she said of plans circulating in conservative circles of firing potentially a large number of federal employees in a fresh Republican administration.

I simply take into account the experience in the Department of Education and how formidable the bureaucracy is and how how difficult it really is to advance policy within an environment where in fact the the greater part of the folks are actually working against you, DeVos continued. But that would go to the center of the argument contrary to the Department of Education, which again, I’ll reiterate, I believe the department was made on a political payoff and weve seen the implications of this play out in the decades since that time.

The political payoff to which she referred was a deal made through the 1976 presidential election between then-candidate Jimmy Carter and the teachers unions. In trade for an endorsement the teachers unions first-ever endorsement of a presidential candidate Carter was to cover their services by creating the department.

Democratic presidential hopeful Jimmy Carter shakes hands with Thomas Gleason, left, president of the International Longshoremans Union, throughout a ending up in labor leaders at a fresh York hotel, July 1976. (AP Photo)

This is what sort of unions could actually consolidate power, DeVos told the roundtable of reporters at the Young Americas Foundations 44th annual National Conservative Student Conference.

Its the alphabet soup of groups which are all area of the system and which are systemically aimed toward protecting and growing their interests, she said. The truth that they provide 99.7% of these political their reported political contributions to Democrat officeholders or candidates, to those that promised to accomplish their bidding if they enter office.

The Trump-appointed former secretary maintains, however, that theres an extremely practical method of scaling back and ultimately eliminating that department, you start with what we proposed, that was block-granting all the cover the department back again to the states.

She also said that eliminating the Department of Education will participate the Republican Party platform.

I believe theres every argument to state we need to stop doing what weve been doing and take action very different, she said. And that, I’d argue, is really a go back to states setting the policy, supporting the policies, & most importantly to supporting parents with the finances for his or her kids educations and permitting them to make those decisions because of their childrens education.

Breccan F. Thiesis really a reporter for Breitbart News. It is possible to follow him on Twitter@BreccanFThies.

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