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Watch Chris Hemsworth Complete a Challenging Father-and-Son Workout ALONG WITH HIS Dad

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Chris Hemsworth is among the buffest working actors in Hollywood, perhaps second and then The Rock in his dedication to his workouts. And in the newest workout video on his Instagram, it becomes clear that it runs in the household. To celebrate Father’s Day (which occurs today in Australia), Hemsworth invited his dad Craig along for a good work out.

“Just had an extremely fun work out with my father, thought I would teach him something or two,” he says in the video, “nonetheless it works out the old dog includes a handful of tricks up his sleeve.”

The workout, extracted from Hemsworth’s fitness app Centr, includes a amount of exercises which are made to be executed with an exercise partner:

  • 12 x bicep curls
  • 10 x pushup claps
  • 10-meter farmer’s carry
  • 20 x medicine ball pass
  • 10 x medicine ball front squat to throw

Hemsworth reflected on the role that fitness and sports have played in his relationship along with his dad in the caption of the post, writing:

“A few of my greatest memories from when I was a youngster are training with my father. I used to compete in the 110m hurdles but didnt have sufficient space to teach once we lived along with an extremely steep hill. My father built me an individual hurdle out of timber and I used the 15 meter driveway we’d to practice again and again. Just he and I till sunlight transpired havin fun, havin fun. I acquired 2 state medals along with his help. Here we have been 25 years on still laughing but still moving. Happy Fathers Day, champ.”

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