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Watch Facebook Boss Mark Zuckerberg Train With an expert MMA Fighter


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is really a controversial figure nowadays, and an extremely frequent target of jokes: the web sure had lots of fun dunking on him following his introduction to the Metaverse. But as the tech CEO struggles to do anything about relentless memes on social media marketing, he’s actually quite with the capacity of defending himself in real life.

In a fresh training video which he shared on Instagram, Zuckerberg is seen revealing his mixed fighting techinques prowess while sparring with pro fighter Khai “The Shadow” Wu. Also it turns out, the guy can hold their own.

Zuckerberg has previously discussed how exercise can be an important section of his day to day routine since it helps him cope with the pressures of his job, and likewise to combat sports, he’s a large fan to getting out onto the water.

“EASILY make an effort to just go directly into the day, each morning when I awaken and go through my emails and obtain the news headlines, it’s almost like getting punched,” he said in a recent interview with Tim Ferriss. “There is that basically doing something physical then one that’s meditative to take my mind off it for one hour, so i quickly can reset and go do work, is actually important. That is why things such as foiling and surfing have already been really important if you ask me, since when you’re on the market on the water, it’s pretty hard to spotlight other things.”

A normal training partner of Zuckerberg’s, Wu was gearing up for his 10th professional fight this weekend, which also been his UFC Fight Pass debut. Wu didn’t win that fight, however in an Instagram post afterwards he thanked his fans because of their support. “I tried my best and thought I did so enough to win,” he wrote. “For whats it worth the blood on my shorts were all my opponents haha.”

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