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Watch This Fitness Influencer Get Crushed by Tom Stoltmans Strongman Workout

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Brandon William has tried training like a few of the fittest people on the planet on his YouTube channel, from David Goggins to the U.S. Marines. In a fresh video, William flies completely to Scotland to invest time learning about what must be done to become a competitive strongman from the reigning World’s Strongest Man, Tom Stoltman, who has held the title for just two consecutive years.

Brandon’s visit starts with a 5: 30 a.m. wakeup call: Tom and his brother and training partner Luke take him to the nearest beach for a swim in the ice-cold water, which Luke credits with helping him forget about day-to-day stress so he is able to concentrate on his training. The brothers then subject Brandon to a lot more intense discomfort by means of a deep tissue sports massage. “This is actually the recovery method that Tom’s useful for the last 3 years,” says Luke. “Pain wins World’s Strongest Man titles!”

Massage over, the Stoltmans take Brandon for breakfast to fuel up because of their workout with a complete Scottish breakfast of bacon, sausage, tomato, eggs, toast and potato scones, and also eggs benedict, sausage sandwiches, and many servings of brownies and banoffee pie, easily amounting to some thousand calories.

“Being truly a strongman is preferable to bodybuilding, as you reach eat things like this, where bodybuilders can’t,” says Tom.

Then it is time to head to the fitness center, where Tom and Luke coach Brandon through four different strongman events. “My goal would be to set my PR in each one of these, since I’ve never tried strongman lifts before,” says Brandon.

The foremost is the log press. After being shown the correct technique, Brandon works his way up in weight, hitting his max at 50 kgs (110 pounds). And obviously, while Brandon is struggling going to a single-rep max, the Stoltman brothers are churning out reps on which is really a relatively low weight for them.

In the dumbbell clean and press, he maxes out at 35 kgs (77 pounds), they head outside for the yoke carry. The frame itself weighs 200 kgs (440 pounds) before being loaded up, and Brandon manages to walk in regards to a dozen steps before quitting.

The fourth and final event may be the Atlas stone lift. “I was needs to feel tired at this time,” says Brandon, “but I must say i wished to work my way around the 100-kg stone, that is the initial one you will see in a competition.” Fortunately, Tom Stoltman is really a record-breaker in this category, and he gives Brandon some pointers on how best to most effectively lift the stone. However, he falls lacking his target, reaching failure at 85 kgs (187 pounds).

“This is actually the strongest day, and probably the most painful day,” he says.

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