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Ways to get Your Employees to utilize Your Company HEALTH ADVANTAGES

In a good labor market and an uncertain economy, the growing season if you have to explain medical health insurance options to your employees is particularly stressful.Helping your employees choose the best medical health insurance plan can help you save lots of money and steer clear of future headaches, real and metaphorical.

Remember, selecting a health plan isn’t always a straightforward or easy process for the employees. Lots of people worry they won’t be in a position to keep their doctor, that customer support will undoubtedly be terrible, or a lower-cost option won’t cover key surgical procedure.

Most employers nowadays still provide a health plan with usage of an easy network of healthcare providers–called a PPO.Hopefully, in case you are savvy, you’ve also considered offering an alternative solution alongside it which has a more carefully curated network of healthcare providers chosen because of their quality and affordability.This alternative typically could have lower cost-sharing for employees.

Just how can you talk to your employees during annual enrollment so they make choices that remain satisfying in their mind? A small number of techniques could make your communications with employees especially effective.

1. Require Active Enrollment

Consider it, it’s simpler to stick with finished . we know and steer clear of paperwork, even though it is more costly and poorer quality compared to the alternative. By rendering it mandatory for the employees to actively decide on a health plan rather than defaulting into one, you seize the chance to get important info about their options before your employees. And folks who have the opportunity to decide for themselves, tend to be content with it.

2. Ensure it is Easy

Utilize infographics and tables to create it possible for employees to compare health plan options hand and hand.If you are designing those, do not forget to define terms associated with your wellbeing plan choices–most folks are fuzzy with regards to medical health insurance lingo. Remember that a picture will probably be worth one thousand words and may be easily shared by email or on your own company’s social media marketing platform.Furthermore, virtually all employees need to know which planstheir doctors are covered under. Ensure it is possible for them to find out which providers are in-network before they need to choose a health plan.

3. Utilize Call to Actions

If you believe among the health plans you offer is way better for employees and the business, don’t shy from saying so. Have a solid opinion! Guide your employees to the higher-quality, lower-cost option through the use of leadership or other staff testimonials. Testimonials and personal stories ought to be used whenever we can to create your communications relatable and compelling. Try filming a few of your employees discussing their choices. Videos of peers will easily capture the eye of one’s employees while informing them.


Requesting feedback before, during, and after your annual enrollment period is paramount to understanding whether your communications strategy is taking hold or not; additionally, it may inform you instantly where you can shift focus. Test thoroughly your assumptions in what you imagine will motivate employees to sign up in the very best health plan with a small amount of employees beforehand. You can even target your messages, addressing the questions and concerns of different segments of one’s employee population rather than one-size fits all approach.


There is nothing like implementing an excellent communications strategy and then be caught flat-footed once the questions start rolling in. Prepare yourself. If you have caught the eye of one’s employees, they will ask questions before they make the leap, so get your HR staff or other leadership ready. Come up with a one-pager of “top 5 questions asked” or “top 5 concerns” with counterpoints for reference. Hand these out before open enrollment to key staff so that they are prepared for a potential deluge!

You’ve been through the effort of designing or selecting medical health insurance plans. Put some additional effort into communications about them as well as your employees could be more content with their decisions if they enroll and over summer and winter.

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