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We Put the Infamous Peanut Butter Baby Foundation to the Test

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When Jones Road Beauty’s What the building blocks launched on TikTok, the algorithm woke up and chose mayhem. Initially, everything seemed normal: influencers were praising the not-a-foundation’s surprising wear on the skin and makeup artists lauded the clean formula. The initial reactions were par for the course, taking into consideration the foundation is really a hero product from Bobbi Brown’s own new buzzy beauty brand. It wasn’t until Meredith Duxbury, a makeup influencer without significantly less than 15.6 million followers reviewed the merchandise a TikTok firestorm ensued.

The now-deleted video saw Duxbury apply what were a metric ton of foundation on her behalf face, to which Bobbi Brown deftly responded with a video of her very own, satirizing Duxbury’s Peanut Butter Baby application. Since that time, there were countless reaction videos, podcasts, and reviewsthe debate has even sparked some conspiracy theories about if the whole thing was a PR stunt. Given the controversy, we simply had to obtain our practical the viral foundation and give it a try ourselves. In the end, Bobbi Brown may be the queen of fabricating trusted complexion staples, and Jones Road Beauty is about straightforward essentials that allow you to get an effortless, your-skin-but-better look.

But first, some factual statements about What the building blocks. The merchandise is referred to as a tinted moisture balm that can be found in 12 shades, which range from a good Porcelain to a deep Espresso. Because the description suggests, the foundation’s consistency is similar to that of a creamy and buildable salve. (It appears like clay in a pot.) It includes light-to-medium coverage, that is probably why Duxbury’s more-is-more technique didn’t play well with the building blocks. Instead, it is possible to use it as a skin-like veil or softly touch up the areas for a diffused effect. What the building blocks is really a companion to Jones Road Beauty’s other no-makeup-makeup products, especially Miracle Balm (a tinted multi-purpose balm) and THE FACIAL SKIN Pencil (a concealer stick).

So, were we doomed to check like we just stepped off a Jif assembly line? Read Glamour editors review the viral What the building blocks product, plus a few other staples from Jones Road Beauty.

Ariana Yaptango, senior beauty editor, wearing What the building blocks in Beige

Ariana Yaptango

Not long ago i saw Bobbi Brown discuss her prolific beauty career throughout a sit-down with NYFW creator Fern Mallis for just one of her Fashion Icons conversations. What struck me probably the most is Brown’s mission to create women feel beautiful by enhancing their particular featuresnot by covering them upand making products which are accessible for several ages and makeup skill levels. This couldn’t become more apparent in Jones Road. The merchandise are top quality but very easy to utilize.

The best needs to be the very best Eyeshadow (a Glamour Beauty Award winner) which feels so silky on your skin and will come in a range of satin, sparkle, and matte finishes. It is possible to apply and blend shades with just your fingertips. The What the building blocks feels hydrating and lightweight on your skin, making it perfect for hot summer days, but also for those that want more coverage, you may want to put on some concealer. To generate some depth, I used the Miracle Balm in Magic Hour to warm-up the hollows and apples of my cheeks. I was left with a luminous shine that didn’t look greasy or overdone. Lastly, I topped things off with the Lip and Cheek Stick in English Rose, an enchanting deep pink that added the ideal quantity of color in several swipes.

Leilani McQuay, commerce producer, wearing What the building blocks in Light

I really like this foundation! I received so many compliments on my glowy skin when wearing it. The merchandise gives great coverage with a smooth, dewy finish. However, I was surprised by the fragrance, that was a little overwhelming for me personally. Overall, it kept my skin feeling hydrated and fresh.

Undoubtedly, my number-one product may be the MascaraI have zero complaints. It offers extreme length, volume, doesn’t clump, and is easily removable having an oil-based cleanser. Everyone needs this mascara! The Miracle Balm was an excellent finish for an all-over highlight. It is a waxy base that spreads on easily for a shiny finish that feels hydrating. They’re ideal for a clean, natural makeup look.

Andrea Aguila, commerce writer, wearing What the building blocks in Medium Honey

After watching that viral TikTok video (alongside all the tutorials) I knew I had to use this brand. It’s not only the brainchild of the best Bobbi Brown, but it is also designed for a far more natural, everyday look, that is exactly what I am searching for. I’ll admit, I was definitely a heavy-makeup girl until the Covid days, but I’ve eased through to packing on the building blocks.

The Jones Road Beauty What the building blocks is completely worth the hype, and its own creamy consistency somehow manages to feel weightless. I love the quantity of coverage I get with just one single layer, but if you are searching for something buildable, this works, too. As well as your girl’s got some creases that thankfully didn’t sink into (I’m talking crow’s feet and 11’s, but that’s life, right?). Are you aware that Miracle Balm, it’s a complete yes for me personally. The sheen finish is every dewy makeup lover’s dream also it really amplifies the natural flush of my cheeks. I also tried the Shimmer Face Oil and Cool Gloss for an extra glow on my cheeks, nose, and lips.

Mia Uzzell, editorial intern, wearing What the building blocks in Cinnamon

Trying TikToks most contentious products is my beauty hobby, so trying out Jones Roads latest collection was a no-brainer. I applied the hotly contested foundationa self-described tinted moisture balmwithout any expectation. The formula was lightweight however the fragrance was strong (a less-than-ideal feature for my sensitive skin).

My second layer of coverage, the brands concealer sticks, was creamier and for that reason better for an balancing my under-eye bags. As a full-coverage makeup devotee, I was thoroughly impressed that I possibly could achieve a buildable opaque look with out a caked-on appearance. In my own brain, nothing could ruin this lookuntil I stepped outside; New Yorks humidity separated the oils in the merchandise in just a matter of minutes. If youre searching for all-day wear, you might want to postpone until temps dip (or work with a primer for added grippiness). The Miracle Balm however is really a year-round must. It delivers a subtle glow for cheekbones sculpted-by-the-gods and is ideal for brightening up any beauty look.

Shanna Shipin, contributing editor, wearing What the building blocks in Medium Honey

As someone with extremely dry skin, Ive never been the largest fan of foundations. Instead, I choose tinted moisturizers given that they usually do not intensify whatever flakes have recently come out to playand that’s the case with Jones Roads What the building blocks. The merchandise took a little bit of used to, but after some learning from your errors, I got the precise no-makeup-makeup look I needed. I discover that just a little goes quite a distance, its far better use the hands for blending in the merchandise (the heat from your own fingertips melts the balm down), and you also want a spatula readily available to combine the formula together before applying.

Its definitely a light-to-medium coverage situation, that i love for everydayyou can still visit a shadow of melasma around my mouth and the pitted acne scarring on my cheeks. What sets it aside from other tinted products is that it leaves skin feeling much less tacky, with noticeably less residueand it actually feels similar to a moisturizer on your own skin than other things. Im in my own early thirties, and will view it working better for older, dry skin; when you have acne-prone or oily skin, its most likely not the foundation for you personally.

THE FACIAL SKIN Pencil is really a excellent product that I also found is most effective with finger application. I love utilizing a lighter shade (number 12 for me personally) slightly below my eyebrows and over my dark circles to create my eyes pop. This can be an unpopular opinion, but of everything I tried, the Mascara was the absolute showstopper. I’ve straight, thick lashes that basically require a curler to obtain any type of length, however, not with this particular mascara. It lifts, separates, and intensifies, all without feeling like youre wearing some thing. Did I mention it doesnt budge? You know how hot its been, and I havent experienced a hint of smudging. Staple status.

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