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We Ranked the House of the Dragon Characters By Their Exact Probability of Death

House of the Dragon, similar to its predecessor, Game of Thrones, will more than likely have a higher death toll. You can find massive dragons flying around, lords that certainly don’t possess a lineage by enough time of Thrones, and countless old guys just wasting away in powerful positions. The kingdom will crumble any day now, you understand. In the end, it wouldn’t be a lot of a Targaryen civil war if everyone stayed alive.

For Fire & Blood readers, House of the Dragon‘s major deaths have been completely spelled out, but don’t ruin the fun for everybody else! For several we know, there may be significant changes to the foundation material waiting for you for us. The written text was already adapted to provide characters richer backstories and stronger relationships. Who’s to state that a handful of untimely deaths couldn’t occur aswell? Let’s gamble on some outcomes for Season One up to now.

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Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen: 5% Potential for Death

Princess Rhaenyra isn’t just our main character, but she’s also the direct ancestor to Daenerys Targaryen roughly 170 years later. Audiences know that actress Milly Alcock will undoubtedly be replaced by Emma D’Arcy following a time skip in Episode Six, so she’ll survive until then at least. Rhaenrya also seems such as a character who’s primed to get to the endgame. We certainly desire to see her there.

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Queen Alicent Hightower: 10% Potential for Death

Because the Queen, Alicent’s children have a claim to the Iron Throne. She, too, will undoubtedly be replaced by a mature actress (Olivia Cooke) following a time skip, and can likely serve on the opposing side of Princess Rhaenyra once the succession conflict fully is necessary. However, there is a slim chance that her character still doesn’t ensure it is out of Season One alive. In the end, it’s her children who’ve the claim, not her. Game of Thrones killed Sean Bean in Season One and I’ll never trust them again.

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Daemon Targaryen: 20% Potential for Death

The reckless and chaotic Prince Daemon is an excessive amount of a problematic fan-favorite character to state his farewells in only the initial season. But his smug personality doesn’t exactly give him a non-zero chance either. Just as much as I would like to watch him run around Westeros causing havoc and mayhem, he might simply take a step too much. Some could argue he already has by making out along with his niece and getting banished from King’s Landing. Outside the now-dead Crabfeeder, there is not other people making threats to the king in Westeros besides Daemon.

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Ser Criston Cole: 30% Potential for Death

Princess Rhaenyra just picked Ser Criston to become a person in the king’s guarda position wherein he was forced to take an oath of celibacy. That oath was broken when she seduced him in Episode Four, putting him in an exceedingly dangerous spot. The kingdom believes that there could be something between Rhaenyra and Daemon, nonetheless it was actually with Ser Criston! Plus, the princess is soon to be wed to Laenor Velaryon. How will Ser Criston easily fit into now? Any kind of relationship with the princess would put both his life and Rhaenyra’s possiblity to solidify her claim to the throne in danger.

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Corlys Velaryon: 40% Potential for Death

Do not get me wrong, Corlys seems cool. Besides that onetime he tried to wed his 12-year-old daughter to the king, the thought of a sea captain who owns the world’s largest navy is quite awesome. Still, his legendary nine voyages may have all occurred prior to the events of House of the Dragon. If Corlys could easily get another spinoff group of their own, his time with this prequel show could be cut short. Nov House Velaryon must come sometime through the civil war, especially since not just a single Velaryon appears to ensure it is out alive by enough time of Game of Thrones.

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Rhaenys Targaryen: 50% Potential for Death

Rhaenys is called the “Queen Who Never Was,” that is the type of title it doesn’t bode well for the thought of ever reaching the throne. Rhaenys can be Corlys’s wife, so she may meet some horrible end as retribution on her behalf husband siding with Prince Daemon. The fate of Macbeth‘s Lady Macduff might not be that remote as an assessment, but it’s still unclear who’ll end up which side of the eventual conflict.



Laenor Velaryon: 60% Potential for Death

Laenor is defined to wed Princess Rhaenyra, moving him up on the planet from dragonrider to the eventual King Consort. This, needless to say, also puts the previously safe character in major danger. Laenor can not only need to move from his home in Driftmark to King’s Landing but he’ll also be wed to a princess in the centre of a civil war for the throne. Will he even live long enough to start to see the conflict? With Daemon and Ser Criston already vying on her behalf heart, Rhaenyra certainly cannot entertain the affection of three different men for long.

otto hightower


Otto Hightower: 70% Potential for Death

Certain characters like Rhaenyra and Queen Alicent seem pretty damn vital that you the events of House of the Dragon. However, Alicent’s father, Otto Hightower, was playing the overall game of thrones a touch too on the nose. He was constantly in the King’s ear about protecting the type of succession to his grandson, even pushing his young daughter to marry the kingwhich was an extremely gross political move. Where Daemon may be the sort of guy who shoots from the hip, Otto is calculated and manipulative. Given that he’s no more Hand of the King, his time on the show could be coming to a finish aswell. Was losing his post enough justice for his scheming?



King Viserys: 100% Potential for Death

We’re halfway through the initial season now which guy still has more ailments than I could count. It’s amazing that he’s still alive. The question isn’t so much if he’ll die, but what or who will kill him? He’s got some awful wounds festering on his back and arms and pinky finger, he’s suffered several pricks from the pointy Iron Throne, and he’s getting drunk rather than dealing with some of his problems. He appears to only be alive for the safety of the realm, really. The king’s death will be the perfect catalyst for the question of succession to be thrust in to the spotlight.

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