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Wellness brand Liquid I.V. trades performance marketing for streaming and OOH

Wellness company Liquid I.V. doubled streaming spending and leaned into out of home advertising within a retooled ad technique to boost brand awareness.

Its a pivot from performance marketing tactics that the 10-year-old, California-based company has heavily relied on previously, as CPMs steadily creep up and data privacy changes drop the pipeline, in accordance with Stacey Andrade, Liquid I.V.s vp of marketing.

Plenty of those changes have forced us to sort of rethink our total strategy and reevaluate what’s the ultimate way to really drive knowing of the brand en masse, she said.

Brands including startup pet health company Fuzzy and short term tattoo company Inkbox have made similar moves, diversifying their media mixes beyond digital performance marketing tactics, as data privacy regulations have muddied advertiser data options.Recently, such brands have already been looking toward channels like streaming and digital OOH, where they are able to still leverage digital targeting and measure just like a performance campaign but reach a wider audience like their traditional counterparts, Freddy Dabaghi, senior vp of media at MMI Agency, said within an email.

Liquid I.V. put the brand new mix into action on the summer, once the brand rolled out its largest marketing effort up to now, touting an ad buy of $20 million. The national Fuel Your Play campaign includes investments in influencer marketing and OOH advertising, in addition to in-person sampling and an activation in LA.

This campaign is really a first for Liquid I.V.s OOH efforts, and its own streaming finances increased by a lot more than 50% from this past year to the year, in accordance with a spokesperson for the brand. Andrade declined to outline additional information regarding Liquid I.V.s marketing spend or advertising budget.

Once we evolve our strategy, were likely to learn which of these channels, which of these tactics are most reliable with regards to delivering those objectives, Andrade said. For OOH, the brand is placing creative on golf courses, local transit and billboards around LA. Video assets were developed by creative studio SixTwentySix, with 15- and 30-second spots on Peacock, Paramount+ and Hulu.

Up to now this season, Liquid I.V. has shelled out a lot more than $710,000 on advertising. This past year, the brand spent $1.8 million on advertising, significantly up from the $400,000 spent in 2020, in accordance with Kantar. Those numbers usually do not include social media marketing, as Kantar will not track those figures.

With another without third-party cookies coming and new data privacy changes impacting targeting on social media marketing platforms, brands that over-indexed on performance marketing tactics will undoubtedly be seeking to diversify their media mix with brand awareness strategies, in accordance with Dabaghi.

While performance marketing can better predict the ones that are likely to get or engage, we realize not absolutely all decisions are impulse-based, Dabaghi said within an email. And brands have to maintain awareness and recall to ultimately drive sales.

Within the shift in Liquid I.V.s online marketing strategy in the years ahead, theres a far more concerted effort to spotlight consumer insights and locating the best methods for getting before shoppers, in accordance with Andrade. We have been definitely still very results oriented, performance oriented. Nonetheless it is a shift in how exactly we consider our strategy, she said.

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