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“We’re America, b*tch!” may be the Trump Doctrine, in accordance with a senior White House official

When asked for abriefexplanationof President Donald Trump’s foreign policy doctrine,an unnamed senior White House official with “immediate access to the president and his thinking” allegedly described itlike this: “We’re America, b*tch!”

A long time before thehistoricmeeting between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and hours after Trump’s escalatingquips with American allies at the G-7 summitin Quebec Jeffrey Goldberg, editor-in-chief of The Atlantic, released remarks from the group of White House officialsaboutthe president and hisworldview.

Goldberg askedthe senior official to help expand explainwhat “We’re America, b*tch” actually means.

“Obama apologized to everyone for everything. He felt bad about everything,” while Trump “doesn’t feel just like he’s got to apologize for anything America does,” the state responded.

Rather than”We’re America, b*tch,” another top officialcalled the doctrine “We’re America, b*tches.”Goldberg asked the state ifhewas familiar withthe 2004 movie”Team America: World Police,”whose theme song was”America, Fuck Yeah!”

Othernotabledescriptions of Trump’s doctrine included “permanent destabilization creates American advantage,” and “No friends, no enemies” adescriptionthatcaptures Trump’s “America first” mantra and an embrace of his impulses and moods, that have arrived at color and changethe relationshipsin his chaotic White House and abroad.

Some users on Twitter had interesting responses to theadministration’s descriptions.

“This administration is similar to a frat bro who doesn’t arrive to lecture, reads a one paragraph summary of realism on Wikipedia while performing a keg stand, and insists to everyone around them that they are a global relations expert,” tweeted Gennady Rudkevich, an assistant professorof international relations at Georgia College.

Another user said, “‘We’re America, b*tch,’ may be the perfect slogan for Trump-era America. Misogynistic, offensive, hollow, needlessly aggressive and just plain stupid.”

“‘We’re America, b*tch’ is not a doctrine. It is a slogan,” tweeted behavioral scientistCarolineOrr. “A doctrine implies strategic planning and consistency of thought, neither which the Trump administration believes in. It is a pathetic try to look tough through the use of words to obscure Trump’s inadequacies and failures.”

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