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We’re deeply in love with this leaked Xbox Elite Series 2 controller design

An Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 in white

(Image credit: Nicholas Lugo)

The Xbox Elite Series 2 wireless controller appears like it’s obtaining a completely new color variant with a White Edition.

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 has up to now only been for sale in its default black color scheme. But a brief clip shared on Twitter (opens in new tab) by leaker Rebs Gaming exhibits a fresh white edition in the flesh.

The clip starts by showing the premium Xbox Series X|S controller’s box. Next, we’re given a glance at the controller itself, which wears a clean white-on-black coat.

All of the usual Elite Controller great features are accounted for. Which includes the carry case, swappable analog sticks and customizable back paddle buttons. It appears like the original article, though we’ve heard nothing from Microsoft to verify if or once the pad will in actuality be released.

An indicator of pads ahead?

Leak: I believe that is our first footage of the Xbox Elite Series 2 White Edition controller. A leaked image of the controller was shown by @IdleSloth84 back March. Source: #XboxOne #XboxSeriesX 8, 2022

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Okay, sure, the White Edition isn’t the most daring design Microsoft could’ve chosen because of its Elite pad. But it’s nonetheless eye-catching. I believe that keeping certain elements of the controller black just like the sticks and grips is really a smart aesthetic choice. They contrast really nicely with the white center.

The Elite Series 2 is a wonderful controller. But it’s lacking the thing that the standard Xbox Wireless Controller has by the bucket load: color options. We’ve seen countless bold designs for the typical Xbox controller, including an eye-popping special edition for Forza Horizon 5 and a sensational hot pink design. However the Elite hasn’t really had exactly the same treatment yet.

I am hoping that new White Edition not merely involves market, but that it is also a gateway for more ambitious designs for Xbox’s top pad. Seriously, a purple Elite pad will be an instantaneous buy for me personally, and probably for most others, too.

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