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‘We’re Too Old For That Sh*t’: Deena Says She’s ON THE ‘Jersey Shore’ Drama

The majority of the fam is shifting from the day-long “dumpster fire” that doubled as their NORTH PARK arrival, but Deena is continuing to feel its consequences.

During tonight’s Jersey Shore VACATION, the meatball found herself consumed with regret over mentioning the “stupid podcast” situation (pun intended) for fear it could appear to be she’s “tryin’ to start out sh*t.”

“I simply fear that maybe the strain isn’t completely squashed. There’s bad energy,” she said.

And Deena’s not wrong, as Mike is significantly less than thrilled to possess been “[thrown] beneath the bus” over something he said in an exclusive message. As the first rule of fight club group chat is: Dont discuss group chat.

“I wasn’t mad that Deena raised the complete podcast thing,” he admitted. “Did I really do it? No. I cannot say I’m not just a little disappointed, but it isn’t something I cannot see through.”

But can Deena see through it? The question remains, since a number of toasts and side comments left the mama of two upset — first, there is a toast to “a great time” and “podcasts,” and the next quoted the old adage, “With friends as if you, who needs enemies?”

“Personally i think like though it was squashed, it isn’t squashed. When there is any drama, just put it from the table. Enough with the puns,” she said.

On that note, JWOWW, Mike and Vinny opted to go their separate ways for the night time, leaving the “dirty stay-outs” (Deena, Chris, Snooki and Angelina) to, um, stay out before wee hours.

“There’s something obviously brewing within Deena,” Jenni said. “Girl, we totally shifted — why are you currently simmering in your mind right now? Ignore it.”

But neither D nor Mike could actually ignore it another morning.

“I dont know very well what I did so to Deena to ensure that her to attack me,” the Investigation Mike said, adding he officially “exposed an incident against Deena Buckner.”

Deena, however, could possibly be heard conversing behind the scenes with a producer concerning the drama.

“I’m 35 yrs . old. I’ve two kids, an incredible husband. My entire life is f*cking amazing. I need not cope with that sh*t,” she said. “Yesterday was just an excessive amount of. We’re too old for that sh*t. I don’t possess it in me.”

Will the Jersey Shore VACATION drama continue? Because were going to go out of popcorn. Listen in next Thursday at 8/7c to discover!

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