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Westmead Hospital pilots AI for assessing sepsis risk

Westmead Hospital in New South Wales is piloting a fresh AI-powered clinical decision support tool for assessing the chance of sepsis in ED waiting rooms.


The Sepsis Risk Tool Dashboard offers a risk score of patients with sepsis utilizing an algorithm trained on historic patient data. In addition, it combines a patient’s age, gender, and vitals because they are entered in to the EMR.

The AI tool originated by eHealth NSW in collaboration with the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC), Sydney Health Partners, the University of Sydney and NSW Health Pathology.

It really is being introduced to check the prevailing Sepsis Kills programme at Westmead, which seeks to aid clinicians in recognising and treating the infection.

The clinical pilot will run for half a year and eHealth NSW will decide if the support tool could be scaled statewide.


In accordance with eHealth NSW, a sepsis diagnosis for around one in three patients is delayed or missed in the ED. “Sepsis could be difficult to diagnose in ED and also harder for junior doctors. Delays in diagnosing and treating sepsis can lead to patient deaths,” explained Dr Amith Shetty, senior staff specialist at Westmead Hospital and clinical director of NSW Health.

He also noted that while you can find existing sepsis detection algorithms, there’s none which concentrate on the ED waiting room where sepsis is most probably undiscovered.

The first detection of deterioration because of sepsis could be “lifesaving” if treatments may also be administered earlier in the individual journey, claimed Dr Margaret Murphy, a clinical nurse consultant at Westmead Hospital’s Emergency Services.


This past year, Queensland Health also tested eHealth NSW’s AI tool for detecting sepsis at Townsville Hospital and Health Service. Together with the CEC, the project used the predictive algorithm to greatly help clinicians identify potential sepsis cases from EMR data.

In 2020, eHealth NSW piloted an EMR module, the Adult Sepsis Pathway, at Prince of Wales Hospital. This tool also assists clinicians in the first detection, escalation and treatment of patients with suspected sepsis.

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