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What 13 Iconic Actors Who Disappeared Off the Radar APPEAR TO BE and Do Today

Sometimes, actors only need 1super successful role tobecome famous worldwide. However, it is possible to probably think ofseveral stars whose big roles were really memorable, but after them, they didnt have any outstanding appearances.

WeatBright Side decided tofind out more about such actors and actresses, and wewere amazed tolearn that some ofthem are actively working inthe industry, while some decided topause their careers.

13. Hayden Christensen

19-year-old Hayden Christensen became famous thanks tothe role ofAnakin Skywalker inthe Star Wars prequels. Director George Lucas saw dark potential inthe son that was ideal for the characters life period. And although viewers didnt like Christensens acting skills atfirst, heshowed off his skills inShattered Glass and Jumper.

Since that time, Christensen hasnt had any big projects, however in2022, hecontinues toremindus about himself thanks tothe series along with other projects inthe Star Wars universe.

12. Danny Lloyd

Thanks tohis father, Danny Lloyd became famous atthe age of6, when heappeared inKubricks The Shining. Hewas cast after 6auditions among 5,000candidates, the director liked him because hecould stay incharacter for along time. Its known that Kubrick did all hecould toprotect the childs psychological health, and didnt even simply tell him itwas ahorror film. Lloyd only learned all about the films true plot when hewas 16.

Unfortunately, this role was Lloyds only big movie appearance. Heleft the movie industry atthe age of10and became abiology professor. Only in2019 did heappear on-screen again inasmall cameo inDoctor Sleep.

11. Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl ismostly well-known for the role ofIzzie Stevens inGreys Anatomy. She also participated inaseries ofsuccessful films, such as for exampleKnocked Up, The Ugly Truth, Killers, and much more. This era ofmany projects and award nominations lasted from 2005 to2012.

Later, her career started todecline, but she stays positive and continues towork. One ofher recent projects, for instance, was one ofthe leading roles inFirefly Lane.

10. Zach Galligan

Zach Galligan started his career atthe beginning ofthe 90s and became famous after his appearance inGremlins and Waxwork. Helater appeared inthe sequels. Since that time, hehasnt stopped acting and contains participated inatleast once movie ayear, but hehasnt had any big ones yet.

9. Aaron Eckhart

Aaron Eckharts popularity exploded in2000 when heappeared inErin Brockovich. Both movie and his acting got good reviews from critics. And something ofhis iconic roles was Harvey Dent inChristopher Nolans The Dark Knight.

But atthe moment, hehas experienced good and the bad with both good films and bad ones. But hecontinues tokeep upthe good work, as well as perhaps his biggest roles remain tocome.

8. Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan was world-famous asone ofthe most successful actresses ofthe 90s and the start ofthe 00s. She was the queen ofromantic comedies thanks toprojects like When Harry Met Sally…, Sleepless inSeattle, and Youve Got Mail. Upuntil 2010, the continued toappear ingood films, but her career eventually slowed up, and she started trying herself asadirector.

7. Patrick Fugit

Patrick Fugit, who ismost famous for his roles inAlmost Famous (2000) and Outcast (2016), has quite alot ofmovies inhis filmography, and hekept working very difficult until 2020. However the problem was that henever really settled inHollywood, and none ofhis projects were incredibly successful.

6. John Cusack

Despite the fact that heisnot asbig astar ashewas atthe time Being John Malkovich and The Raven were released, hes still very hardworking today. Usually, a lot more than 1film ayear isreleased with Cusack init. Hestill does alot ofprojects, however, not asmany ashedid before 2019.

5. Eva Mendes

Initially, Eva Mendes started her career incommercials andTV series. But her biggest break was inTraining Day, which got much praise from critics alongside many awards. Shes received alot ofgood offers since that time and gained alot offans.

However in2014, she stopped working inmovies. She says that the reason for the long hiatus isthat she decided tofocus more onher family and raising her 2daughters.

4. Sam Worthington

Thanks tothe iconic role inJames Camerons Avatar, the Australian actor became abig Hollywood star. Youve probably heard oforeven watched Clash ofthe Titans, Terminator Salvation, Man onaLedge, Hacksaw Ridge, and many more. But lately, the quantity ofbig projects has decreased. However in2022, the long-awaited Avatar sequel isgoing tobereleased, and the 3rd film issupposed tocome out in2024.

3. Jennifer Grey

The key reason why the star ofDirty Dancing almost completely disappeared from the silver screen isone ofthe most tragic ones. Despite her amazing success and popularity, the actress was very insecure about her appearance, specifically, her nose. She thought itwould have abig effect onher future career, soshe decided tohave cosmetic surgery.

But things didnt goasplanned, and she’s appeared insomeTV episodes and small roles, however they werent very successful.

2. Billy Zane

Lots of people remember Billy Zane asCaledon Hockley inJames Camerons Titanic. But hestarted his acting career back inthe 80s and took part infamous projects such as for exampleBack tothe Future, Twin Peaks, Sniper, among others. Today, Zane isstill inthe industry.

1. Jennifer Love Hewitt

The actress became abig celeb after her role inthe horror flick, IKnow EVERYTHING YOU Did Last Summer. You could also remember her from the hit comedy, Heartbreakers. She also was apart ofthe successful series, Ghost Whisperer.

Sadly, her career went downhill in2011. For quite a while, she still appeared inepisodes ofvariousTV shows, however in2015, she announced abreak inher career because ofher second pregnancy. However in2018, she returned toscreens inalead role in9-1-1.

Which ofthese actors (ormaybe many others) doyou skip the most?

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