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What a lot of the GOP doesnt get concerning the Marthas Vineyard story

On Wednesday, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis took credit for dumping several migrants and their own families on Marthas Vineyard. On Friday, the victims of the Floridians stunt were taken up to a military base for shelter and humanitarian support.

Evidently, Sen. Ted Cruz finds the political circumstances amusing. The Texas Republican published a tweet late the other day that read:

Leftists, hurriedly deleting their tweets saying the Marthas Vineyard liberals warmly welcomed 50 illegal immigrants: Oh crap! They deported them IN 24 HOURS.

Before we reach the forest, lets quickly review a few of the trees because Cruz got literally every detail wrong.

First, leftists havent had to delete anything. Second, a great number of residents of Marthas Vineyard really did intensify to welcome the desperate people Team DeSantis allegedly lied to and exploited. Third, to characterize asylum seekers as illegal border crossers is merely factually wrong. Fourth, these migrants and their own families werent deported, at the very least not by any definition that Americans would recognize. And fifth, two days isn’t 24 hours.

Its challenging to squeeze five falsehoods right into a two-sentence tweet, however the Texas Republican is really a special sort of politician.

As notable because the details are, however, its the bigger context thats more interesting.

Your day that DeSantis chartered planes landed on the Massachusetts island, his political operation hinted at among the motivations behind the stunt: These were likely to prove that liberal rhetoric about welcoming migrants was wrong. The proof would come when Marthas Vineyard residents lashed out at the struggling people the Floridian had dumped within their community.

Those assumptions were quickly discredited when locals rallied to aid the humans DeSantis exploited as political props.

However in a curious twist, Cruz along with other Republicans remain clinging to the discredited initial claim. See? theyre effectively arguing. Look how quickly those rascally libs deported the migrants!

Reality keeps getting back in just how. The migrants and their own families were taken up to a base on Cape Cod to be looked after because there have been no comparable facilities on Marthas Vineyard. Because the NBC affiliate in Boston reported, Soon after the arrival of the migrants, Marthas Vineyard residents joined with local and state officials to generate temporary shelter and offer food along with other necessities. But [Gov. Charlie] Bakers administration said the island isn’t equipped to supply ongoing food and shelter, so transportation was provided on Friday to create the migrants to the brand new temporary shelter on Cape Cod.

To listen to Cruz tell it, this proves that conservatives were right all along. This turns reality on its head. Residents of Marthas Vineyard treated these migrants and their own families with dignity and compassion, and theyre now poised to get additional the help of hawaii.

To the extent that DeSantis cruel stunt had a political goal, it failed spectacularly. To pretend otherwise would be to ignore what actually happened.

Steve Benen is really a producer for “The Rachel Maddow Show,” the editor of MaddowBlog and an MSNBC political contributor. He’s also the bestselling writer of “The Impostors: How Republicans Quit Governing and Seized American Politics.”

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