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What exactly are animals thinking? They feel empathy, grieve, seek joy exactly like us.

Published September 15, 2022

35 min read

I’ve lived for eight years now with my dog, Charliea bloodhound whos embarrassingly bad at tracking scents. He greets me jubilantly each and every time I get back, even though its from the quick grocery run. I could hear his tail go thump-thump-thump on to the floor within the next room when I laugh; he echoes my mirth even though he cant see me.

Yet, despite sharing this bond, I often sit back close to him on the couch, give him a hug, and have my wife, Do you consider he loves me? Yes, yes! she replies, with only slight exasperation, that is charitable because I ask frequently.

This routine is nearly such as a ritual inside our household. I wonder if Charlie has any thoughts about any of it. Considering him sunning himself on our front porch makes me look at a deeper question: Just how much do animal minds resemble ours? Do other species have thoughts and feelings and memories just how we do?

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