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What Happened When HE Trained Calves EACH DAY for 120 Days

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YouTuber Matt Morsia, better recognized to his subscribers as MattDoesFitness, has already established to adapt his trained in a significant way this season following a whole rupture of the Calf msucles in his left leg. In a recently available video update, Matt reflected on his recovery from the injury, specifically on his efforts to rebuild his calves after he rapidly lost muscle tissue post-surgery.

For the initial stage, he was limited by some very minor resistance weight exercises, including banded ankle flexion, dorsal flexion, inversion and isometric work. “If that sounds boring as f, it is because it had been,” says Matt. “Spending one hour each day for just two months moving my foot around against an rubber band was definately not ideal.”

Once he could walk without crutches, that provided some additional stimulus to Matt’s lower torso, and at six weeks, once he ditched the boot entirely, he could start training his calves properly. “By this aspect my left calf had literally disintegrated,” he says, “so to have the ability to actually put some load onto it was an incredible feeling.”

From that time his calf routine included seated machine calf raises in addition to standing variations. He’d then continue to include dumbbell and machine calf raises into his workouts, in addition to isometric holds. Four months after his injury, Matt’s calves want strong again.

“I’m pretty happy,” he says. “Remember, I haven’t been training specifically to create mass, it’s similar to rehab-style stuff, the initial 8 weeks of the procedure was very light banded stuff, so obviously that has been more damage limitation, attempting to keep hold of the muscle I had instead of build new tissue. It’s only actually the last month, six weeks that I am in a position to train calves to an extent that I could actually build them up.”

Continue, Matt and his physical therapist are preparing to amp up the intensity of his lower torso workouts and focus more on growing muscle to experience the goal he has had at heart since the rupture: “I wish to build the largest, strongest calves the planet had ever seen, and ensure the injury never happened again.”

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