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What people say concerning the #1 Netflix movie in america at this time

The #1 movie on Netflix in america is really a new action-comedy starring Jamie Foxx as a vampire hunter that, more often than not, both critics and fans think is well, its just okay, if were being generous. Day Shift is really a Netflix original that hit the streamer on Friday, August 12. And thanks, perhaps, to the star wattage of Foxx in addition to cast members like Snoop Dogg, the movie soared right to the #1 i’m all over this the very best 10 movies list that the streamer maintains inside its app.

However, thats probably only a function of individuals being interested in this project due to the big names attached, instead of this being truly a must-watch, aswell enter below.

Is Day Shift worth watching?

In the event that you put much stock in a sign like Rotten Tomatoes ratings? Then your response to the question about whether this new Netflix release will probably be worth watching is: Most likely not.

There is an excellent Puck News piece on the weekend, supplying a deep dive in to the disappearance of the type of raunchy, Apataowian comedies that dominated the box office of yesteryear (think, mid-2000s). Folks have blamed this on from cancel culture to Covid to an aversion to risk-taking from the major studios.

Regardless of the reason, Day Shift feels quite definitely consistent with most of the recent (and throwaway) Netflix original action comedies. In the event that you liked titles like Red Notice and THE PERSON from Toronto, put simply? This one also needs to be up your alley.

Here, meanwhile, is what you should know concerning the movie. Foxx plays Bud Jablonski, a blue-collar father attempting to give his daughter Paige (Zion Broadnax) and stay static in the nice graces of his estranged wife Jocelyn (Meagan Good).

Foxxs character cleans pools in the San Fernando Valley on your day shift, since it were. But thats really just a front for how he really makes his money. That is by hunting and killing vampires.

Due to code violations, Jablonski has been kicked from the lucrative international union of vampire hunters. To obtain by, he sells fangs to black-market customers. When Jocelyn threatens to go to Florida, though, Jablonski decides he must earn money fast.

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Reviews and reaction

Ultimately, Day Shift may be the sort of star-driven vehicle that yields obvious advantages to Netflix even though, qualitatively speaking, it doesnt deserve to start to see the light of day.

Thats in accordance with a CNN review contained in the Rotten Tomatoes critics aggregate score of 58% (basically, meh), by the time of the writing. Its predicated on 83 total reviews right now.

Day Shift on Netflix
(L-R) Jamie Foxx as Bud and Snoop Dogg as Big John in the Netflix movie Day Shift. Image source: Netflix

Over on the viewers side of the equation, the existing aggregate Rotten Tomatoes score there’s 59% (so, again, meh). That percentage is founded on a lot more than 250 user ratings right now. On the scale of fell asleep to stayed awake, its a stayed awake but got sleepy towards the finish, one Rotten Tomatoes user review opines.

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