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What PR Technology Vendors Dont Understand about Spreadsheets [PR Tech Sum]

The principle of social proof suggests a lot of people use the best answer and 57% of PR people use spreadsheets for media lists

Its almost cliche to state, I cant believe its July so heres another solution to consider it: weve got just six more months until Christmas and that whole holidays.

It wont be a long time before our complaints concerning the summer heat are transformed into groans because Walmart has rolled out the Santa Claus displays.

July is generally a slow month because of this monthly roundup of technology news over the PR landscape which month is not any exception.

Onward with the PR Tech Sum

1. Media lists and spreadsheets.

A statistic in a new report on PR technology caught my eye. Its not new or surprising however the endurance is what sticks out.

Whats the statistic? Over fifty percent (57%) of PR people use spreadsheets for media lists.

I’ve two visceral reactions to the statistic.

First, plenty of vendors find statistics such as this one. They always put these numbers out to mention a note that PR folks are laggards, and the fix for this affliction would be to run out and purchase a media database.

The result is just the contrary: The message received is spreadsheets should be very good because many people are with them.

That is social proof. Its a simple principle of behavioral economics that invokes what Dr. Robert Cialdini calls a click run response.

The best way to flip this around from the messaging standpoint would be to focus on the amount of PR people using PR software for media databases.

Second, theres a huge delta between your price up to $5,000 each year for most of the systems and the worthiness to a diligent PR person who keeps their finger on the pulse of the media (that is 90% of the PR job incidentally).

Reporters change beats and publications frequently that the price to help keep media databases up-to-date is high. Some vendors make an effort to overcome this with offshoring or technology. Neither one is accurate because both approaches have a tendency to miss necessary nuance at the very least in American media.

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2. PR tech mentions

  • Information security in PR. Muck Rack completed an audit of data security referred to as a SOC 2 Type II audit. Its an study of a companys information security standards highly relevant to data security, availability and confidentiality developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
  • Using AI to look coverage of surveys. Harris Poll clients will receive usage of the innovative PRophet software platform to check the mediability of these research before conducting survey fieldwork, to verify the info they seek will actually be of interest to journalists, in accordance with a news release by PRophet.Upon survey completion, Harris clients may then use PRophets machine learning and natural language processing technology to check the news headlines angle of these poll to recognize the journalists probably to cover their story and predict how positively theyd reveal the outcomes.

    With or without AI, heres some easy strategies for improving coverage of one’s survey

3. Content picks

  • Goodwill on a balance sheet. New research from strategic communications and advisory firm ICR reveals that four in five professional investors (80 percent) think that at the very least 20 percent of a companys valuation is influenced by non-financial factors, and much more than half (57 percent) believe its at the very least 30 percent, in accordance with this piece by the Bulldog Reporter.

Have a fascinating announcement from the PR technology vendor?Heres theset of PR technology companiesIm watching and heresways to get on my radar.

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