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What sort of 55-Year-Old Mom and Retired Chef Feeds Four on $150K in Lake Geneva, WI

Welcome to The Receipt, a string documenting how Bon Apptit readers eat and what they spend carrying it out. Each food journal follows one anonymous readers week of expenses linked to groceries, restaurant meals, coffee runs, and every bite among. In this time around of rising food costs, The Receipt reveals how folksfrom different cities, with different incomes, on different schedulesare determining their food budgets.

In todays Receipt, observe how a 55-year-old woman surviving in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin manages food on her behalf, her two kids, and a husband, whose $150,000 salary covers groceries. Continue reading on her behalf receipts.

The finances

What exactly are your pronouns? She/her

What’s your occupation? Chef/nanny/Uber driver/personal shopper/toilet scrubber/gardener/mom/wife person. I was an exclusive chef whenever we had our first child, also it made no sense for me personally to cook and clean for another person therefore i could pay you to definitely do it much less well as me therefore i unofficially retired. Ive tried to work several times, but cooking is really a job that doesnt enable family emergencies or vacations so its never stuck.

How old are you currently? 55

What city and state can you reside in? Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

What’s your annual salary, should you have one? We have been an individual income family, with two boys, age 17 and 10. My hubby makes $150,000 annually doing work for a German renewables company. I dont know very well what he does. I call him Chandler Bing because of this.

Just how much is one paycheck, after taxes? After health insurance and other insurances and 401(k), its $4,200

How often are you currently paid? Bi-weekly

How much cash are you experiencing in savings? $80,000 in 401(k), $13,000 in savings

What exactly are your approximate fixed monthly expenses beyond food? (i.e. rent, subscriptions, bills)

  • $2,700 mortgage
  • $400 utilities (gas, water, trash, electric and internet)
  • $180 education loan
  • $320 car repayment and insurance
  • We budget $300 for bank cards
  • Other monthly expenses: $130 for Hulu + Live TV, Netflix, HBO Max, Discovery+, AMC+, Amazon Prime Video. $25 for Apple News+ and NY Times. $180 monthly for phone, which include Apple TV.


Can you follow a particular diet or have dietary restrictions?

No, but my children each has preferences, which explains why I run a kitchen without owning a kitchen anymore. My hubby loves to pretend hes keto until I go to sleep, and he eats a large plate of granola and whatever is left from dinner. The teenager is never here, however when he arises he lives on sandwiches and frozen pizza and BBQ chips. The tiny one sucks at eating and Personally i think such as a failure. Hell eat mozzarella sticks with marinara or cheese pizza, however, not burrata and tomatoes from the garden. For him, I throw carbs and salad and fruit his way until dinner, when I load him through to whatever special version of our dinner I made. I’m attempting to be less resentful. Its no longer working. For me personally, its candy I stash all around the house and apples and half the salad before I call dinner and serve them. There’s always salad. Its my thing.

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