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What the Rare Uranus and North Node Conjunction Means for You Astrologically

Hold onto your hat, babe: The Uranus and North Node of destiny’s conjunction on July 31 is going to be one for the books. This powerful meet up of Uranus, our planet of forward movement and sudden change, and the North Node, a point where the moon crosses the Earth’s orbit around the sun, will happen at 3: 04 pm EST and will occur in the earthly sign of Taurus

Why is this significant? Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun, making it an outer planet. In astrology when we have transits and changes in our outer planets, this causes collective and societal changes rather than affecting everyone in personal ways. But let’s break down what that means for you even further.

What is the North Node?

Unlike Uranus, our North Node is not actually a celestial body. In fact the North Node—and it’s opposing South Node—are simply points in the sky. The North and South Nodes (or, lunar nodes) are the points where the moon crosses the Earth’s orbit around the sun. The sign that they are in changes as the year progresses; during 2022 our North Node is in Taurus, and our South Node is in Scorpio.

The North Node is our ascending node, which means that it acts as the True North—or what some might call the North Star—that guides us toward our destiny. When we have our North Node in Taurus we are being asked to follow things that feel good—as one of the most sensual signs in the zodiac, this conjunction is marking a time in history where we will see people making revolutionary changes in order to pursue a lifestyle of ease. In short, Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul” couldn’t have come at a better time.

So what can we expect during this transit?

The conjunction is also going to bring a meet-up with Mars, the planet of sex, aggression, and action. With all three of these luminaries in fixed Earth sign Taurus we can expect shake-ups and transformations to take place due to people taking action on the things that they believe most deeply in. These energies have been present since January and their effects will be felt for decades to come. The specific meeting of Uranus and our North Node of destiny happens approximately every 15 years, but it only happens in the sign of Taurus once in a lifetime—the next occurrence isn’t until 2357!

Taurus’ ruling planet is Venus—the planet of beauty, sex, love, and money—and this conjunction will play into these qualities in our lives as well. With two very *ahemhot and heavy energetic aspects playing into this transit, we should ask ourselves what we hold in importance revolving around reproductive rights, sexuality, sexual expression, and both individual and collective freedom. 

The massive amounts of Taurean energy is also going to bring themes of security, safety, finances, and our values to the surface. Those with prominent Taurus placements (Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus) may be the most heavily affected by this transit. Uranus has been in Taurus since May 2018 and will stay there until April 2026 (outside of a few instances over the next few years where our planet of revolution will dip into the early degrees of Gemini). Some of these themes may have already presented themselves to you, but they will continue on a collective scale. Think cryptocurrency, stock market shifts, a societal focus on leveling out wage gaps and wage inequality, inflation, and how we relate to our personal finances. 

What can each sign expect during this transit?

Read for both your sun and rising sign, below.

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