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Whats BETTER STILL When compared to a Graham Cracker Crust? A LOT OF MONEY Cookie Crust

Most of us have that kitchen drawer where we dump extra take-out paraphernalia: plastic cutlery, chopsticks, packets of soy sauce. Minimal practical, though, may be the fortune cookie, which never appears like quite enough when Im craving dessert after eating Chinese food.

Extremely crunchy, usually vanilla-flavored, and sometimes stale, a lot of money cookie is mainly good for another opinion when youre not feeling your daily Co-Star reading or need help picking Powerball numbers. Enter what I love to call the Custard of Fortune, a whimsical tart that uses crushed-up fortune cookies as its base.

Think about it as a graham cracker crust, made instead with fortune cookies. Its crispier, with notes of vanilla and sesame oil. After the crust is defined, it is possible to fill it with whatever custard or curd youd likepastry cream, lemon curd, even frozen margarita. I love to use an orange custard packed with citrus zest, which pairs well with the vanilla crust. Its a playful nod to the tray of orange slices that Chinese banquet restaurants often serve alongside the bill.

You need to use an 8-inch tart pan, that may offer you a thicker, crunchier crust, but a typical 9-inch pie pan may also suffice. In any event, one crust will demand 25 fortune cookies, if you dont have the willpower to save lots of up that lots of cookies, order a box of these like I did so.

Golden Bowl Fortune Cookies

Heres steps to make a lot of money cookie crumb crust:

First, youll have to crush the cookiestheyll tear up the hands or rip by way of a Ziploc bag, so pulse them in a food processor or blender. (Remember to eliminate the fortunes first, and reserve the nice ones for later.) A variety of cookie dust and lentil-size pieces is where you intend to be.

Dump the cookie crumbs right into a bowl and mix in cup granulated sugar. Stir in 4 Tbsp. melted unsalted butter until every one of the cookie crumbs are coated. Press the mixture into an 8-inch tart pan (or 9-inch pie pan) and bake it in a 350 oven for approximately 15 minutes, until it starts to brown. Allow it cool completely.

If youre baking your filling, brush the crust having an egg wash (just an egg, beaten with a fork until smooth). That may keep carefully the crust crunchy, you understand, just like a fortune cookie. If your filling doesnt have to be baked, brush with brown butter then fill.

If you wish to opt for an orange custard, beat 4 egg yolks and a 14-oz. can of condensed milk together until light and airy. Fold in 1 cup orange juice, 1 Tbsp. grated orange zest, and a pinch of kosher salt. Pour it in to the crust and bake it in a 350 oven for 20 minutes.

In the event that you actually want to take it the excess mile, top it with whipped cream plus some of these good fortunes for the party guests to fight over. Who knows, if those Powerball numbers workout, maybe friends and family will return the favor and present you a slice.

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