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Whats Going on Down There? A Graphic Novelization

peyroinie's diagnosis journey

It started innocently enough. Something didnt feel right below the belt, and it didnt look right. Little did I understand what another 10 years could have in store for me personally: Coping with Peyronies disease, a disorder where plaque or scar tissue formation accumulates in the penis. Luckily, I came across cure that finally worked. And today Im doing everything I could to greatly help others with the problem (which affects roughly 1 from every 100 men) navigate the procedures, not forgetting the emotions that go with the condition. That is my Peyronies journey

graphic tale of peyronie's diagnosis

a graphic tale

comic of man at computer

comic of man talking to doctor

peyronie's disease diagnosis

peyronie's disease diagnosis

Desire to learn more? Some tips about what every man ought to know about Peyronie’s Disease.

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