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What’s Next for Roman Reigns After Beating Drew McIntyre at WWE Clash at the Castle?

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    But still your undisputed WWE champion, Roman Reigns! (Credit: WWE)

    By your skin of his teethand with some help from Solo SikoaRoman Reigns remains your undisputed WWE universal champion, successfully retaining over Drew McIntyre in Cardiff.

    Clash at the Castle was a significant hurdle to overcome, particularly with Austin Theory’s Profit the lender cash-in a supplementary looming threat, however the Tribal Chief has both titles firmly in his possession and a fresh ally to greatly help back him up in The Bloodline.

    Effectively, while beaten up, Reigns is appearing out of this more powerful than ever.

    However when you’re near the top of the meals chain, everyone beneath you continues to be considering you as their ultimate goal. Reigns does not have any shortage of challengers wanting to take those belts from him.

    So what’s next for THE TOP of the Table?

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    Another immediate thing will undoubtedly be going for a step back again to address what happened in Cardiff. WWE usually gets section of, if not a complete episode, out of recapping those events and promos concerning the champion successfully retaining his title.

    A lot of the focus will undoubtedly be on McIntyre explaining his loss and reiterating his promise never to stop vying for the title, how he blames Sikoa for interfering and you will be seeking payback.

    Reigns will undoubtedly be there as a presence, however, not the primary player. The Usos and Sami Zayn will undoubtedly be a lot more active and hands-on with Sikoa, wrestling in virtually any tag team matches that could emerge from this, specifically.

    The Tribal Chief will need a back seat. Even though his next challenger is declared, significant attention will still have to be on Sikoa so he doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. That may also allow WWE some breathing room never to overexpose Reigns prior to the next title match.

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    It really is highly unlikely Reigns will undoubtedly be wrestling any moment earlier than October 8 at Extreme Rules.

    Though Friday Night SmackDown has its fair share of important matches occasionally, Reigns typically doesn’t wrestle at all on television, aside from in a title defense with a pay-per-view coming.

    If he wrestles at all, it’ll be in a tag team match or a thing that limits him.

    There’s a good chance he sits out Extreme Rules, after skipping several premium live events earlier this season. However, with Paul Heyman being the spokesperson because of this show’s advertisements, WWE reaches least marketing The Bloodline’s involvement.

    Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia is 8 weeks away, set to occur November 5. Since those are paid implies that require the largest names to seem, Reigns will certainly compete there.

    Extreme Rules could possibly be headlined with McIntyre against Karrion Kross in a No. 1 contender’s match or McIntyre with some teammates contrary to the Bloodline in a gimmick match, instead of Reigns defending the title. It will be a cop out, but WWE’s done similar things this season.

    At the minimum, Reigns isn’t going two full months without putting his belt shared. Either at Extreme Rules, Crown Jewel or both shows, he’ll require a challenger.

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    Credit: WWE

    Deciding who gets another match against Reigns will need up another couple of weeks of SmackDown, or even stretch past Extreme Rules.

    A rematch with McIntyre isn’t beyond your realm of possibility, however the Scottish Warrior would have to first plead his case he deserves it because of the interference, then likely win some type of contender’s match to officially re-earn the chance.

    Kross is counting down the daysliterallyto when he is able to take his shot. He won’t sit by idly and let others cut before him in line.

    The only real other Superstars hovering the title scene and getting together with The Bloodline are Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. The latter continues to be sucking around the faction and hasn’t quite realized how low on the totem pole he could be, but his companion is beginning to open his eyes.

    Almost always there is the opportunity WWE surprises audiences with a shocking return like Bray Wyatt or Braun Strowman, who could go straight for Reigns and fight him at Extreme Rules, however the safer bet is on McIntyre, Kross, Owens or, to a smaller extent, Zayn, being another challenger.

    In order to avoid having two heels against one another, WWE might create a Triple Threat with Reigns against McIntyre and Kross at Extreme Rules, before shifting to a particular attraction guest challenger for Crown Jewel who will come in for just one night only or returns to action later in October.

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    Credit: WWE

    WWE might possibly not have everything until WrestleMania 39 planned out for Reigns as of this particular moment, but there at the very least should be an over-all notion of what he’s doing for another tentpole “Big Four” show, Survivor Series.

    By the graphics, the Raw vs. SmackDown brand warfare is defined to keep, but with several twists.

    Normally, along with the Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown men’s and women’s elimination matches, each brand’s champions rises against their equivalent title-holder. Intercontinental champion Gunther will fight USA champion Bobby Lashley and so forth.

    While holding both sets of titles, Reigns and The Usos haven’t any parallel champions. They’ll either not be having those forms of matches or will just have regular challengers like any event.

    Whoever hasn’t recently been used between McIntyre, Kross, Owens and Zayn could have the title shot, lose, and invite Reigns to stand tall above both rosters, assuming Theory hasn’t messed things up for the time being.

    Finishing out this season is a break for section of December while WWE creates whoever challenges Reigns for Day 1, tying that into Royal Rumble and kicking off THE STREET to WrestleMania 39, which all appears to be building toward a match with The Rock.

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