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Whats so excellent About This I’m all over this Beijings 2nd Ring Road?

With cooler weather hitting Beijing, its an enjoyable experience of year to obtain out and explore more of the town.

If youve experienced the Chinese capital for a good short timeframe, it’s likely that youve driven at night Dongbianmen Wachtower (youll know it once you view it).


The Dongbianmen Watchtower

Apart from the nearby Ming Dynasty Wall Relics Park, theres also a nearby footbridge at the corner of the watchtower which you might want to have a look at, particularly if youre following a good photography spot.

Why is this spot so excellent? Apart from the good angle that to photograph the Dongbianmen Watchtower itself, theres also too much to ingest from within the encompassing area.

The ever-flowing traffic of the next ring road coupled with trains departing and coming to Beijing Railway Station make Dongbianmen feel just like something of a transport hub.


A train departs Beijing Railway Station on the city’s second ring road

Moreover, try a northeast direction on the railway tracks, and youll start to see the iconic Beijing CBD city skyline in the backdrop.


A train heads east from Beijing Railway Station with the Beijing CBD city skyline in the backdrop

A SHORT Introduction to Dongbianmen

Dongbianmens history as an integral transport hub goes back more than 100 years. Through the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, the region was a key port on the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.

The Dongbianmen Watchtower is Chinas oldest surviving watchtower, as reported by China National Radio () with history stretching back around 500 years.

Those acquainted with Beijings art scene may understand that within newer history, Dongbianmen was also home to Red Gate Gallery between 1991 and 2006.

The gallery founded by Australian expat Brian Wallace has been at the forefront of Chinas contemporary art scene. Since 2006, Red Gate has been located in the 798 Art District. Wallace took your choice to close the Gallery in July of the year.

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Ways to get compared to that Spot

Nearby subway stations include Jian Guomen (Line 1 & Line 2), Beijing Railway Station (Line 2) and Chongwenmen (Line 2 & Line 5)

Via ride-hailing services, input the address to access Ming Dynasty Wall Relics Park

Start to see the exact located area of the footbridge on the map below:


[All images via Alistair Baker-Brian/That’s]

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