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WhatsApp Has New Privacy Features

With an increase of than two billion people using WhatsApp worldwide, the moment messaging app is really a market leader in providing users with a free of charge and convenient solution to communicate.

From customer care to being truly a unique and effective marketing channel, WhatsApp has exposed an abundance of opportunities for smaller businesses. For remote working teams, WhatsApp offers a easy to use and free solution to reach people anytime.

Businesses that utilize the instant messaging app to talk to colleagues and clients or as a marketing platform, will undoubtedly be very happy to learn that Meta has introduced new features on WhatsApp to provide users more control with added layers of protection.

Leave Groups Silently

WhatsApp group chats could be invaluable to smaller businesses of different industries and niches, enabling participants to communicate and plan in one convenient place. Though group chats do not need to be forever and every once in awhile, members have to leave certain chats for just one reason or another. For instance, a team member could be leaving an organization and will not want colleagues to learn at that time.

Now it’s possible for participants to exit an organization privately. Rather than notifying the entire group when someone leaves, only the admins will undoubtedly be informed. This update from WhatsApp could prove incredibly ideal for colleagues or clients attempting to exit an organization discreetly.


Knowing which associates are online helps boost business productivity and create far more convenient methods to communicate. However, periodically business users may choose to check a WhatsApp chat privately without having to be bombarded by messages.

Meta has introduced an attribute that allows users to choose who is able to and cant see them if they are online. In this manner, if colleagues or clients dont desire to be connected with if they are online, other users will never be in a position to see their online status.

Screenshot Blocking for View Once Messages

Sharing photos, videos along with other content on WhatsApp is really a convenient and effective method for small businesses to market products and push promotions and much more to the proper people.

WhatsApps Once View feature gives users more control over their privacy, as photos or videos disappear from the chat after they have already been opened, meaning chat participants dont have a permanent digital record of such content.

For additional security, Meta is currently enabling screenshot blocking for Once View messages.

Were testing this feature now and so are excited to roll it out to users soon, writes Meta.

With one of these extra layers of protection and security, smaller businesses of just about any industry, may take advantage of the countless communication and marketing opportunities WhatsApp provides with greater confidence and assurance that their messages and content will undoubtedly be protected.

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