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When Animals Dream review: Making the case for ‘animalhood’

In his new book, David Pea-Guzmn argues that animals that may dream have a feeling of self, and for that reason an even more complex sort of “animalhood” than we thought possible

Life 17 August 2022

By Simon Ings

New Scientist Default Image

When Animals Dream

David Pea-Guzmn

Princeton University Press

HEIDI the octopus is dreaming. As she sleeps, her skin changes from smooth and white to flashing yellow and orange, then to deepest purple and, finally, to some greys and yellows, criss-crossed by ridges and spiky horns.

David Scheel, Heidis human carer, has seen this pattern before in waking octopuses: Heidi, he says, is dreaming of catching and eating a crab.

The story of Heidis dream, told in the 2019 documentary Octopus: Making contact, supplies the starting place for a barnstorming new book, When Animals Dream: The hidden

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