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When Youre Squeezing Juice for a Crowd, This Countertop Fruit Press Cant Be Beat

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When I first were only available in the test kitchen, then senior food editor Andy Baraghani pulled open a drawer, waved his hands on the contents, and asked me to choose the best. Inside were a range of citrus juicers, from old-school wooden reamers to levered metal squeezers. It is possible to tell a whole lot in regards to a person based on which kind of juicer they use, Andy said, somewhat ominously. Im uncertain what it says about me, but my go-toVintage Kitchens fruit presswas nowhere to be observed.

I really like fresh-squeezed orange or grapefruit juice each morning, but filling a glass using most manual juicers requires plenty of strength and time, and the electric machines are often hard to completely clean or too loud to start out your day with. But because of my beautiful Vintage Kitchen juicer, a tall glass of OJ could be had in minutes with minimal effort.

I first found this kind of wide-mouth countertop juicer years back while working as a commis chef in a restaurant, making gallons of lemon mayo from scratch each day. I loved it so much that I acquired one for my apartment too, and its own experienced my kitchen since. For someone whos on the tiny side rather than particularly stronglike methe levered design helps it be effortless to extract just of juice manually, and unlike various other squeezers, juice never explodes into my eyes. The strainer filters out seeds and pulp, so when Im done pressing, I just tilt to pour the juice straight into my glass, jigger, or mixing bowl. Tidy up is simple; it reduces into three parts, which are dishwasher-safe. And the wide-mouth design fits almost anything. From lemons to grapefruits, nothing stands the opportunity from this thingnot even pomegranates.

Sure, its too large to tuck away in Andys citrus squeezer drawer, but I dont mind showcasing its vintage beauty on my kitchen shelf. Its timeless and sturdy, up for the duty of private dinners, pop-up events, and, yes, my morning glass of juice. From lime juice for margaritas to pomegranate juice for glazed roast chicken, its been among my most dependable bits of kitchen equipment for a long time. I could only recommend the test kitchen get one aswell.

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