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Which Vanilla Ice Cream Tastes Best? A Blind Taste Test From Trader Joes, Ben & Jerry’s, Hagen-Dazs, and much more

The taste: This ice cream was best summarized by Morocco: It really is what fake tan would be to tan. Put simply, 356 Vanilla was a fairly decent dupe of something similar to Favorite Day, but noticeably less good. I dont sense like its trying, you understand? said Laperruque. Others thought the vanilla notes were slightly artificial tasting, however, not totally off putting. Combined with soft, malleable texture, this might be perfect for an ice cream sandwich, said Dai.

Photograph by Isa Zapata, Food Styling by Thu Buser

The Runner-Up: Whole Foods 365 Organic Vanilla Bean

The ice cream: Whole Foods 365 have not one but two horses in this race. Its Organic Vanilla Bean ice cream is comparable to the standard variety, with the inclusion of real vanilla beans and annatto extract for color.

The taste: Of all ice cream we ate (a whole lot), that one had probably the most turbo-charged vanilla flavor, Morocco said. It had been super aromatic and pronounced without tasting phony; a win for vanilla stans but perhaps an excessive amount of for the kiddos or floral-averse. Maybe more vanilla isnt necessarily better, Morocco continued. The visible vanilla beans, however, were much appreciated at all times. Im a sucker for a fleck, said Dai.

Photograph by Isa Zapata, Food Styling by Thu Buser

The Standout: Ben & Jerrys Vanilla

The ice cream: This iconic brand with sky blue packaging uses eight ingredients, including cream, sugar, egg yolks, vanilla beans and extract, and carrageenan, which binds, thickens, and stabilizes. Twelve Ben & Jerrys reviewers rated the ice cream 4.8 stars.

The taste: Following a first bite, Morocco wiggled delightedly in his seat. The flavors, he thought, were very nicely integrated, like there wasnt an excessive amount of anybody thing going on. The only real drawback, he thought, was a potential insufficient versatility. This may be too rich to pair with much dessert. With both beans and extract, the vanilla flavor tasted i’m all over this; lightly floral and toasty however, not overpowering. Im obtaining a whiff of rum, said Uskokovic. The texture was another feature. Ben & Jerrys was probably the most noticeably dense, creamy, and almost chewy of all ice creams we tried. It feels expensive, said Issa. Shes definitely bougie.

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