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Whistleblower Twist in Musk-Twitter Battle Elon Musk Sends Deal Termination Letter

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has filed additional paperwork terminating his agreement to get Twitter. It had been in line with the information in the whistleblower complaint filed by the former head of security at Twitter.

Peiter Zatko, the former head of security at Twitter also known by his hacker handle Mudge had revealed that the SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING platform had misled the regulators about fake accounts and bots.

He also said that the social media marketing platform does not have any resources to calculate the precise amount of bots while adding that Twitter had not been planning to obtain the data.

Musk has recently accused Twitter of not disclosing essential details asked by him for the $44 billion deal. According to Bloomberg, Musks lawyers mentioned the claims by Zatko about Twitter breaching the conditions of the agreement.

The SEC filing by the Musks team also included a letter to Twitter Inc. and was addressed to the principle Legal officer, Vijay Gadde. It mentioned that the allegations created by Zatko provide extra reasons to get rid of the offer if the termination letter filed in July is set to be invalid for just about any reason.

Both, Twitter and Musk have sent a subpoena for Peiter Zatko.

A testimony from Zatko gives Musk an upper submit the legal battle. That is being done to obtain from the deal created by Musk to Twitter, whereas the platform is asking him to perform the deal. In accordance with a written report, over 100 people, banks, along with other firms have already been subpoenaed in this suit. The trial is thought to start October 17.

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