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Whitney Houstons Biopic, I Wanna Dance With Somebody, First Teaser + Iconic Moments SOHH Hopes To See

It’s been a week because the trailer for the Whitney Houston biopic, I Wanna Dance with Somebody, dropped. The legendary artist was probably the most prominent vocalists and actresses of the 90s.

Whitney Houston


Having an influential career that lasted decades, listed below are key moments in her life that SOHH anticipates the biopic would cover:

The Bodyguard

The iconic 1992 romance/thriller starring the Queen of Soul alongside Kevin Costner proved she had acting chops alongside her electrifying voice.

An excellent part of the biopic should cover her success journey that launched her career in to the stratosphere. She’d continue to win multiple accolades for the film, including five NAACP Image awards and three Grammy awards.

Crack is Whack

The infamous quote originates from a 2002 interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC News.

The Emmy award-winning journalist queried if it had been because of an eating disorder or drug use when showing Houston an image of how scary thin she had become through the years.

The lauded singer-songwriter shot down both of her assumptions.

I make excess amount ever to smoke crack. Lets get that straight. OK? We dont do crack. We dont do this. Crack is whack.

This moment in her life became parodied and lampooned in the first days of the web and on national television.

From what fans know now, the interview is really a cautionary tale of how her eventual death might have been prevented. She came forward with the reality and sought specialized help.

Whitneys Relationship With Bobby Brown

Much like her Diane Sawyer interview, her relationship with Bobby Brown was continually used as a way to obtain comedy by the general public and media.

The physical and mental abuse she suffered ought to be featured showing individuals who fame and fortune aren’t everything. It could also show early signs in a budding relationship that could have a dark turn.

Whitney Calls Into Wendy Williams Radio Show

In 2003, Whitney appeared on Wendy Williams radio show. This came after Wendy made numerous comments about her life, including her relationship with Bobby and drug use.

Wendy tried to relate with the superstar by mentioning her have a problem with cocaine use, but Whitney was having none of it.

She became very combative and cursed up a storm. She became so angered to the stage she infamously stated pre-Bhad Bhabie:

EASILY really was, like, back your day in Newark, Id meet you outside. But Im a female, and I’ve class.

A scene or two covering this interview can surpass the films promise of exceptional Whitney you won’t ever knew.

Ray J and Whitney?

Whitney was well-known to become a good friend of the Norwood family. In accordance with a senior editor at US Weekly, both were on / off for a long time.

When pressed concerning the two possibly dating, Ray J said:

You understand, they blow this thing out of proportion. After all, thats my pal. Ive been knowing her for a long time and shes a pal of the household.

To place these rumors to rest, an excellent portion should cover if Whitney and Ray ever became a lot more than friends.

On the main topics individuals who have been extracted from this world much too soon, the biopic about Emmett Till is defined to be released this October.

The film tells the tragic life story of Emmett, a 14-year-old black boy who was simply killed after being falsely accused of whistling at a white, female cashier.

His death rattles his family, especially his mother, driven by his passing to get justice for that which was done.

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