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Who is your preferred character in the Fire Emblem dynasty?

-GoofierBrute requires a look at Fire Emblem Warriors within their Games that point Forgot series.

-Kerrik52 continues their super in-depth exploration of the Blood Omen series.

-InquisitiveRaven has exposed their commissions, so drop in in the event that you fancy some rad custom art.

-KnightReapor160 includes a lot to state in regards to a possible Halo blog idea.

cblog recaps othertoid

-PhilsPhindings requires a consider the relationship between Kabuki Quantum Fighter and funk music.

-PhilsPhindings requires a consider the connections between Donkey Kong and New Wave music.

-jaynchou supplies a succinct Hello within their first blog. You will want to play and say howdy?

-laxahoni includes a few words to provide in prose form.

-Chronolynxx invites the city to some other Friday get-together.

Very little Cblogs this week, but we appreciate all of them, so because of our dear community, and thanks, as always, to Lord Spencer for providing this weeks recap. In the event that you wanna join the HOT TAKE party, then check out the Cblogs section, have your say, and you may end up recapped with this here front page in a few days.

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