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WHO’S Craghas Drahar, the Crabfeeder, in House of the Dragon ?

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Two episodes into House of the Dragon and weve already met our series antagonistwell, in a few ways that will be antihero, Daemon Targaryen, but alsoan orc-looking pirate/general who feeds poor merchants to flesh-eating crabs.

The Crabfeeder is introduced because the ire of Lord Corlys Velaryon (Steve Toussant), commander of Westeros largest Navy. During both first and second episodes, Corlys complains to the tiny council concerning the Crabfeeders hostilities in the Stepstones, a cluster of islands south of Kings Landing and essential for trade in to the capital. Corlys believes the Crabfeeder is waging open war against his navy, disrupting shipping lanes and threatening to destabilize Westeros.

King Viserys (Paddy Considine) assures Corlys hes already sent envoys to the Free Citiesa band of independent states thought to be financing the Crabfeederbut Corlys isnt satisfied. Such as a war-hungry defense department, Corlys will settle limited to military conquest, regardless of the councils advice that this type of conflict would provoke the Free Cities.

The Crabfeeder represents a significant thorn in the medial side of Westeros this year; Viserys a reaction to the hostility immediately creates a schism in the tiny council, with Corlys and Daemon (and, to an extent, Rhaenyra) privately of military action, and Hightower (Rhys Ifans) and the King privately of caution; this schism can be reflected in the unspoken bid for the Throne, with Hightower opposing Daemon.

house of the dragon crabfeeder


That is to state that the Crabfeeder can be an important early character.

And he isnt just an invention of the show.

Craghas Drahar (Craghas Crabfeeder) appears in some of author George R.R. Martins works, including Fire & Blood, the principal source material for the series.

He could be an admiral for the Triarchy, an alliance of the Free Cities which took control of the Stepstones many years before Viserys coronation. Since that time, the crown has tolerated the Triarchys control of the territory, paying them a tax for utilizing the territorys shipping lanes. In Martins book, tension mounts when Drahar raises the toll price, inciting Corlys to get military action.

In the series, Drahar is overreaching through acts of outright hostility and theft.

Perhaps a war over tolls isnt the type of sexy conflict starter HBO really wants to run with.

Still, wed watch the hell out of some Westeros toll lane drama.

Until then, we find ourselves on the edge of inevitable war with the Stepstones.

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