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WHO’S Jason Lannister in House of the Dragon ?

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Feudal masculinity is on full display in Episode 3 when Jason Lannister rides into camp along with his long hunting spear. Jason (Jefferson Hall) may be the first Lannister to get a major role in House of the Dragon, which recounts the reign of the pre-Lannister Targaryen dynasty. (The only real Lannister-Targaryen crossover we remember is Cerseis betrothal to Rhaegar by King Aerysuntil lover/brother Jamie put a sword through the kings back.)

So here marches in Jason Lannister to smoothly ask Princess Rhaenyra Targaryennow 17 in the showto marry him and come live at Casterly Rock, a big boring castle atop a large cliff. She says no thanks. He sulks away to ask King Viserys I himself. (Because men ignoring women if they say no is virtually the theme of the series.)

Jason, however, isnt the only real Lannister we meet this episode. A knight on the Kings small council, Tyland Lannister, also seems to hold a prominent position near Viserys. (Though, hes seen generally being annoying because the Kings messenger.) Both are twins; Jason may be the elder.

Is Jefferson Hall a really twin?

Nah. Hall is apparently playing both roles, merely to supply the HBO VFX team a lot more workrather than production simply casting real twins. (Its one of the most subtle moments of VFX artistry within an episode that has probably the most extensive dragon warfare weve seen since Game of Thrones final season. The battles in Episode 3 looked spectacular.)

Both Lannisters will, however, be back for future episodes. So their roleswhile pathetic and annoyingmay also make a difference.

Jason Lannister may be the Lord of Casterly Rock (which, we hear, gets the best hunting) and the top of House Lannister. Tyland is really a knight on the tiny council and another Hand of the King. In George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood, the twins both try to marry Rhaenyra throughout a feast at Casterly Rock. (This happens in 112 AC when Rhaenyra was 15. The series shows that Rhaenyra had visited the Lannister home before, but doesn’t remember, because she was young.)

To go any more to their historiesincluding the kings they’ll continue to servewould be considered a spoiler for House of the Dragon. (Read here, if youre curious.)

What’s obvious, though, from their first appearance is their affection for Princess Rhaenyra and the difficult choice that has to be made when Viserys dies: who’ll they support within the next throne claim?

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