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Why ‘365 Days 4’ WILL MOST LIKELY NOT Happen on Netflix After Third Film

The Polish film 365 Days premiered in 2020, and it’s really already got two sequels.

The movie has spurred controversy, with some critics saying the erotic thriller glamorized rape.

The Welsh singer Duffy, who had previously gone public about her very own connection with having been kidnapped and raped, had called out Netflix in 2020 within an open letter, saying the film “glamorizes the brutal reality of sex trafficking, kidnapping and rape.”

Movie critics who took enough time to examine the film were mostly scathing. On IMDb, a lot more than 86,000 users have trained with a 3.3 average rating

Still, that didn’t stop the sequel to the film, 365 Days: TODAY, to drop in April of 2022.

And today, the 3rd film, titled ANOTHER 365 Days, is developing on August 19.The trailer premiered on Netflix on Wednesday, August 10.

MAYBE THERE IS a Fourth ‘365 Days’ Movie on Netflix?

365 days sequel
Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone in “365 Days: TODAY.” The Netflix sequel arrived in April 2022.Netflix

Warning, the next paragraphs contain spoilers.

The three 365 Days movies derive from three books, a trilogy compiled by Polish author Blanka Lipiska. This is why it really is unlikely that people will receive a fourth movie.

Additionally, both 365 Days: TODAY and ANOTHER 365 Days were filmed in 2021, and filming for a fourth have not yet happened, aside from been announced.

HOW EXACTLY TO Watch ‘The Next 365 Days’

The 3rd film dropped on Netflix on Friday, August 19, at nighttime PT in the U.S., therefore you can stream it at this time. It’s set to get right where in fact the second left off, so you will see what goes on to Laura after she was shot.

The 3rd film has dropped only four months following the second, but that is because of the fact that both films were filmed back again to back 2021. The films derive from the fictional novels compiled by Polish author Blanka Lipiska, and ANOTHER 365 Days may be the name of the 3rd book.

365 Days the initial follows the life span of Laura Biel as she continues on any occasion with a pal and gets kidnapped by an Italian mafia boss (Massimo Torricelli). Because the title denotes, he gives her per year, or “365 Days,” to love her.

Don Massimo Torricelli, the Italian mafia boss is played by Michele Morrone and his love interest, Laura Biel is played by Anna-Maria Sieklucka. Currently, Laura is torn between Massimo and a fresh love interest, Nacho, played by Simone Susinna.

The description of the 3rd film is on Netflix and reads: “In this steamy drama, a female must select from a ruthless gangster and a Mafia rival determined to create one last bid on her behalf heart.”

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