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Why a performance marketing firm is asking employees to obtain from the office to create company culture

During the last year, companies have increasingly adopted a remote-first or hybrid work place in light of the pandemic. But as Zoom meetings replace water cooler chats, performance marketing agency Gupta Media really wants to maintain company culture via networking events and volunteer opportunities.

Its an attempt to develop relationships not only within the business, however in the advertising industry, in accordance with Kelly Heath, head of individuals at Gupta Media. Its also a chance for staff, especially new hires and recent graduates, to build up the soft skills had a need to woo clients.

To obtain all 75 employees from the office and in to the field, Gupta Media is gifting tickets to networking events, panels and awards that staff can head to both locally and in other cities, hosting its events in its Boston office, and incentivizing staff to utilize paid volunteer days. Currently, 10% of employee bonuses is linked with using those volunteer days through the work week, in accordance with a spokesperson for Gupta.

The business includes a flexible policy, with staff getting into the office typically four days weekly over a four-week period. Additionally, there are WorkFromAnywhere weeks over summer and winter, where staff can request to work remotely, and SummerFlexFridays in July and August, where in fact the whole office goes remote. During Covid-19 spikes, Gupta Media protocol is weekly pooled PCR testing in-office for several staff, irrespective of vaccination status.

Digiday swept up with Heath to talk more about Guptas workforce efforts, the significance of soft skills and how exactly to maintain company culture in a hybrid, flexible working environment.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.

That which was the catalyst to obtain Gupta Media staff out and back again to in-person activities?

Were in regards to a year into this experiment of bringing people back to the office. Among the items that we found was that there is some real atrophy in social skills, soft skills that everyone within agency world knows is essential to developing that next generation of leaders in a organization. It is possible to teach them technical and tactical skills, plus they can get excellent at those. But its the soft skills that set that next generation apart. Quite a few staff that people were attracting as recent graduates, that they had their internships canceled or gone fully hybrid or remote. We saw a few of the challenges they were facing. Associates that people had hired pre-pandemic were still doing excellent work remotely. But again, those opportunities to allow them to develop those social and soft skills, theyre behind where we’d expect them to be two, 3 or 4 years to their job.

How did leadership spot the insufficient social and soft skills?

Once we started to escape into client meetings, we were seeing workplace professionalism that folks [should] are suffering from, whether its in dress, mannerisms or simply pure presentation, these were out of practice. Theres also that possibility to network that people found really was an issue. Its a very important factor if you have a scheduled meeting on the books with a couple of clients and their contacts. But engaging in litigant presentation, where theres multiple in the area, its getting the possibility to socialize, meet new people within the business that helps build that rapport and communication beyond Zoom.

For staff to leave work and check out these events or workshops, does that impact PTO at all?

We think about this portion of the work. As the stronger they’re in these soft skills, the higher theyre likely to be as an associate of we once we grow them. So no. Weren’t asking them to get this done by themselves time. We have been searching for them to be always a section of their workday.

Theres been a recently available spike in Covid-19 cases lately. Any concerns around that with this particular new initiative?

We’ve been heavily promoting vaccination and boosters at Gupta media, we’ve in regards to a 99% vaccination rate. We’ve been adamant since day one, that remote work continues to be a choice. If somebody doesnt feel good, air privately of caution. We’ve been supplying rapid tests because the beginning for the employees And again, weve been doing weekly Covid testing here to make sure that we have been getting before any potential outbreak.

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