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Why Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Frances Bean “Wasn’t Sure” If She’d ENSURE IT IS to 30

Celebrity Kids THAT ARE Successful Like Their Parents

Frances Bean Cobain is reflecting on her behalf past while commemorating an enormous milestone in her life.

The visual artistanddaughter of Courtney Loveand the late Kurt Cobainshared a carousel of pictures of herself enjoying life with relatives and buddies as she celebrated being alive to see her 30thbirthday.

“30 !!!I managed to get!” she captioned the Aug. 18 Instagram post. “Honestly, 20 year old Frances wasn’t sure would happen. At that time, an intrinsic sense of deep self loathing dictated by insecurity, destructive coping mechanisms & more trauma than my own body or brain knew the way to handle, informed how I saw myself and the planet; by way of a lens of resentment to be brought right into a life that seemingly attracted so much chaos and the type of pain linked with grief that felt inescapable.”

Frances continued to describe a traumatic experience she experienced in 2017 when her plane caught burningin mid-air as she was flying from Paris to LA.

At that time, Frances posted concerning the terrifyingtime on Instagram, writing that she “basically found grips with my very own mortality” and promised herself that when she managed to get, she’d “no more make an effort to escape the moments of my entire life.”

The model concluded her birthday post by checking about her plans for future years.

“Entering this new decade,” she shared, “I am hoping to remain soft regardless of how hardening the planet can feel sometimes, bask in today’s moment with reverence, shower the people I’m fortunate to love with an increase of appreciation than words could ever do justice & hold space to help keep learning, therefore the growth never stops.”

Frances added, “I’m pleased to be here & I’m happy you’re here too.”

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