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Why Elizabeth II was modern Britains most unlikely queen

She was just 5th in the type of succession, but a number of historical vagaries put the princess on the worlds most effective throne.

Published September 8, 2022

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The death of Queen Elizabeth II today has taken the British monarchys longest ever reign to a finish. But though she descended from royalty, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor wasnt said to be queenuntil a number of historical vagaries placed her in the crosshairs of the worlds most visible monarchy.

Elizabeths great-great-grandmother, Victoria, reigned on the British Empire for pretty much 64 years, longer than any British monarch before her. And she wasnt first in line for the throne. She was fifth in the type of succession, but a number of deaths put her in power when she was just 18.

Victorias eldest son, Edward VII, was heir to the throne for many years, but his long-living mother prevented his ascension to the throne until he was 59 yrs . old. He reigned for only nine years before dying. At that time, his eldest son, Prince Albert Victor, had died at only 28, so his second son took the throne.

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