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Why Shaquille O’Neal Stands By His Theory That the planet Is Flat

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Shaquille O’Neal continues to be not prepared to accept that the planet earth is round.

On Aug. 23, the NBA legend, 50, reaffirmed his support for the idea that the planet earth is flat when asked whether he still believed his controversial 2017 comments.

“It is a theory,” he said during an appearance on the Kyle & Jackie O Show.”It’s only a theory, they teach us lots of things.”

Shaq then doubled down on his claims, sharing he “flew straight” from america to Australiaright before appearing on the air show.”I flew 20 hours today, not once did I go in this manner,” he explained, before adding that his plane“didn’t tip over” or “go ugly” through the trip.

Pushing back on the idea, hostKyle Sandilandquestioned how someone could fly to another side of the planet in various directions, to which Shaq replied,”It’s still a straight line, you do not go under.”

Not merely does Shaq have different opinions concerning the form of the earth, but he also states he doesn’t believe it spins.

“You understand they say the planet is spinning?” he asked Kyle and his radio co-hostJackie Henderson. “I am living on a residence on a lake for 30 years, not once did the lake rotate left or right. If we’re spinning so fast, why are we dizzy?”

Shaq admitted that while he likes hearing these different beliefs, “it isn’t about figuring them out, or he’s wrong or he’s rightit’s only a theory.”

This is not the very first time that the former LA Lakers star has publicly shared his thoughts about Earth being flat. After NBA star Kyrie Irvingdeclared that globes were falsely portraying the earth in Feb. 2017, Shaq publicly backed his theory.

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“I drive everywhere, which s–t is flat if you ask me,” Shaq noted on The Big Podcast With Shaqin 2017.“I’m just saying. I drive from Florida to California at all times, and it’s really flat if you ask me. I really do not fall and rise at a 360-degree angle, and all that stuff about gravity, perhaps you have looked outside Atlanta lately and seen each one of these buildings? You mean to inform me that China is under us? China is under us? It isn’t. The planet is flat.”

Shaq later recanted his comments, telling The Washington Postin March 2017 he was “joking.”

“Do you want to hear my theory?” he told the outlet. “The initial portion of the theory is, I’m joking, you idiots. So, understand that when Shaquille O’Neal says something, 80 percent of that time period I’m being humorous, in fact it is a tale. And 20 percent of that time period, I’m being serious. However when I’m being serious, you’ll know.”

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