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Why short term tattoo brand Inkbox is shifting its marketing focus to TikTok

Short term tattoo company Inkbox is turning its attention (and ad dollars) to TikTok, in a proceed to boost brand awareness and obtain before Gen Z shoppers, in accordance with Inkbox CEO Tyler Handley.

TikTok has turned into a line item in Inkboxs marketing budget since it has for most others, including brands like Studs jewelry, Silk foods and Viv period care, because the platform moves from the nice-to-have marketing channel to a must-have. Actually, TikToks global ad revenues are anticipated going to $11.64 billion this season, outpacing Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest, in accordance with eMarketer.

TikTok has increasingly turn into a focus of our marketing, especially because the iOS privacy updates have really impacted our capability to target consumers online, said Handley, adding that the app makes up about between 30% and 35% of Inkboxs web site traffic, up from 10% this past year.

In the last year, Inkbox has tripled its devote to TikTok. Even though exact information regarding what the business spends on TikTok are unclear, as Handley declined to provide details. Up to now this season, Inkbox has spent at the very least $300,000 on media, nearly doubling the estimated $129,000 spent in 2021, in accordance with Kantar. Those numbers usually do not account for social media marketing spend, as Kantar will not track those figures.

With regards to strategy, Inkbox leverages micro-influencers on TikTok, that are gifted Inkbox temporary tattoos and post a video in exchange. Currently, the brand has a lot more than 400,000 followers on TikTok and works together with influencers such as for example Caitlin Lam, who goes on @caitlinnlam and contains nearly 145,000 followers, and Jenna Evans, who goes on @jennxevanss and contains 45,000 followers.

We concentrate on that fun, organic, less polished view of our tattoos and the stories around them on our TikTok, Handley said.

Beyond that use influencers, Handley said Inkbox runs Spark ads on TikTok, putting paid media spend behind high-performing content. Since starting its account in late 2019, Inkhouses TikTok account has been run by an in-house employee, in accordance with Handley. But recently, Inkbox has partnered with article marketing agency Brkaway to crank up TikTok content production.

Historically, Instagram, where in fact the brand has 1.5 million followers, was Inkboxs bread and butter when it found social media. However in light of data privacy changes and increasingly steep CPMs, Handley said Inkbox has scale back on both efforts and devote to the platform. At one point, Handley said CPMs were up 60% year-over-year on Instagram, while click thru rates were down 40%. This meant advertisers were spending big however, not seeing the outcomes.

Instagram is becoming more of a brandname aesthetic channel when compared to a channel were attempting to drive growth out of, he said, adding that TikTok continues to be a brandname awareness channel for Inkbox. For customer acquisition, Handley said Inkbox is leveraging channels such as for example affiliate sales, SEO and first-party data way more than TikTok.

This plan makes sense, in accordance with Jake Brannon, senior content strategist at ad agency Dagger.

Per Brannon, TikTok is quickly becoming where culture and real-time conversations happen, challenging the community-building qualities of Twitter, for instance. With regards to real-time, Twitter was long viewed as the go-to platform for brands to activate in trending moments, Brannon said within an email. But as TikTok is growing and much more brands join the app, it really is certainly the premiere channel for brands to activate in real-time, trending quite happy with their fans.

Having said that, TikTok is evolving to are more of a person acquisition channel for several brands, Brannon added, making note of trending hashtags like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, which currently has a lot more than 20 billion views in the app.

In the years ahead, Handley said Inkboxs TikTok spend will fluctuate on a weekly, as-needed basis because the brand explores alternative channels, including video platforms like OTT, Twitch, YouTube among others to diversify the brands channel mix.

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