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Widowed South Yorkshire Author Ric Hart releases 5th and final bereavement book for his son Hugo

Top Quote It is a heartwarming story compiled by Ric for Hugo following the lack of his mummy soon after having a baby in 2018. End Quote

  • (1888PressRelease) September 05, 2022 – ISBN #978-1803811604

    Widowed South Yorkshire Author Ric Hart releases 5th and final bereavement book for his son Hugo following the lack of mummy soon after having a baby in 2018

    Concerning the Book:

    This is actually the fifth and final book in the ‘Hugo and Daddy’ series also it marks a significant milestone for author Ric Hart who started the series following birth of his son Hugo, shortly accompanied by the sad death of Hugo’s mummy Jade. This episode sees Hugo starting primary school and Ric cannot be prouder… “To see Hugo starting primary school felt such as a million miles away four years back, but I did so it, I acquired here, and I’m pleased with every step.”

    The book shares the journey of Daddy taking Hugo to school for his first trip to primary school and sees them turning so what can be quite an overwhelming experience for children into something to embrace confidently. Ric sees his books as a means of turning negative trauma into positive magic for Hugo and hopes that, when he grows older, Hugo will dsicover how Daddy turned those tragic years into something beautiful for him.

    Ric says to Hugo: I am hoping you love our latest and final adventure. Who knows what the near future provides, but I’m embracing it with love, joy and inner peace with this wonderful boy, Hugo Jaden Hart.

    Concerning the Author:

    Ric Hart, who lost his wife, Jade, soon after she gave birth with their son, Hugo, has turned into a respected book author. Inside a year of losing Jade, Ric ran a marathon in her memory. Then considered writing childrens books and poetry in the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 to greatly help him sort out his grief. During the last 2 yrs, Ric has published four childrens bereavement books which form the Hugo and Daddy series. His fifth and final childrens book entitled Hugo and Daddys School Adventures is currently open to pre-order prior to the publication date of 1st September 2022.

    Now four years, Hugo is starting primary school in Misterton, England in September. Ric is quite excited launching his final childrens book since it marks a milestone for him and for Hugo. The web arises from this book will undoubtedly be donated to Misterton Primary School.

    Ric says, Ive left a legacy for Jade, myself, and in addition for Hugo to transport forward throughout his life and Im so pleased with that. I understand my journey through writing will spark strength, confidence, and hope throughout Hugos life. 1 day whenever hes lost, worried, unsure, I am hoping what I did so will inspire him to become an incredible person as he grows older.

    Ric decided all his books would help special charities: Way – widowed and young – benefited from his autobiography Pupy Love, written in lockdown in 2020. The bereavement charity, Cruse, benefited from his first childrens book Hugo and Daddys Night-time adventures, which turn into a top seller on Amazon within its first half a year of launch, remaining in the very best 50 bestsellers for months. The Childrens Bereavement Centre in Newark, England benefited from Rics next two books, Hugo and Daddys Superhero Adventures and Hugo and Daddys Thailand Adventures.

    Hugo and Daddys School Adventures by Ric Hart will undoubtedly be obtainable in paperback from all major book retailer from 1st September 2022 including Amazon:

    and The Book Depository:

    along with Waterstones:

    Press/Media Contact Details:

    Grosvenor House Publishing

    Tel. 020 8339 6060

    E-mail: info ( @ ) grosvenorhousepublishing dot co dot uk

    Ric Hart can be designed for interviews. It is possible to e-mail him directly at:

    richardhart786 ( @ ) gmail dot com


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