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Wisconsin Dem Spent Massive Sum In Tax Dollars On Security Despite Hammering Police: REPORT

Wisconsins Democratic lieutenant governor, who’s also running for U.S. Senate, spent thousands in taxpayer dollars for a police security detail despite criticizing police during the past, Fox News reported.

Mandela Barnes, who can be regarded as much favorite to win his Senate primary, shelled out a lot more than $587,000 for circumstances police detail between Jan. 7, 2019 and Nov. 6, 2021, according to records obtained by Fox News. The sum covered roughly 8,800 hours of police protection, 4,900 hours for overtime protection and over 200 hours of holiday protection, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Left-Wing Dark Money Groups Boost Dem Candidate Who Pledged To Fight Dark Money, Records Show)

Simultaneously, Barnes includes a history of slamming police and previously aligned himself with the Defund the authorities movement, in accordance with Fox News. The lieutenant governor notably said in a 2021 interview that the U.S. is made on racism and lamented the over-policing of communities.

Barnes tweeted to an activist in 2018, Dont understand how I missed that reply, but I want that, after on offer a Democratic Socialists of America shirt saying Abolish ICE [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement], the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported.

Immediately after, the Democratic Socialists of America posted an image on Reddit with Barnes holding the shirt, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported.

Mandela Barnes hypocrisy is startling, Republican Wisconsin state Sen. Julian Bradley, who sits on the Judiciary and Public Safety Committee, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Barnes notably spent nine times more on security in his first 8 weeks as lieutenant governor than his Republican predecessor Rebecca Kleefisch had for the entirety of 2018, the Associated Press reported in 2019.

Accumulating as much hours of security protection in weekly as his predecessor did in per year while advocating to abolish the authorities shows a significant disconnect between Barnes and individuals of Wisconsin, Bradley told the DCNF.

It is possible to feel the way you want going to calls to reform, defund, or abolish however the question is, how do a system which allows this to occur continue being upheld? Barnes also wrote on Twitter in September 2020, linking to a CNN article on the death of Breonna Taylor.

It is possible to feel the way you want going to calls to reform, defund, or abolish however the question is, how do a system which allows this to occur continue being upheld?

Mandela Barnes (@TheOtherMandela) September 24, 2020

While Barnes campaign saidin July the candidate will not support defunding the authorities, two of his biggest donors have bankrolled the left-wing movement, the Washington Free Beacon reported. Barnes also accepted $28,000 from the political action committee (PAC) thats board includes Defund the authorities activists, the Free Beacon reported.

Wisconsins Senate primary is on Aug. 9.

The lieutenant governors office didn’t react to a obtain comment, nor did Barnes campaign.

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