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With 48 Minimalist Pieces, Elsa Hosks New Clothing Line May be the Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe

When taking into consideration the brand I needed to create, it had been clear it needed to be my love letter to Scandinavia, says Hosk. Everything Ive taken and learned from growing up there, the type, art, minimalism, architecture, simplicity, craftsmanship. But additionally the values, family, feminism, equality, looking after nature and our earth were all at the forefront of my upbringing, and I needed Helsa to embody these exact things.

Photo: Thanks to Helsa

The lineup includes made-for-layering shackets, expertly tailored maxi skirts, along with perfectly oversized button-up blouses. Initially, Hosk planned release a ten items at the same time, concentrating on one specific kind of fabric in each release. Butas with many thingssupply chain issues due to the pandemic wreaked havoc on those plans. Its a large collection, nonetheless it worked out effectively, because youre now in a position to style all of the different fabric groups together, how youd use it in true to life, Hosk explains. Its a complete wardrobe and everything mixes so incredibly.

Photo: Thanks to Helsa

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